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Record-Breaking Cruise Ships

by Brandon Wenerd. Posted Mar 26th 2010 02:22 PM

Royal Caribbean

In retrospect, this decade may be known as a renaissance for cruise ship design. In an ongoing effort to lure more passengers to their hulls, cruise lines are racing into uncharted waters on a quest for bigger and better ships. In September 2009, Carnival unveiled its largest ship to date -- the 3,652-passenger Carnival Dream, and in the next two years cruise lines ranging from Norwegian to Disney will be debuting vessels, each more spectacular than the last.
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Angels at the Airport

by Brandon Wenerd. Posted Mar 12th 2010 03:16 PM

Rev. Mr. Peter Broussard and Chaplain DD Hayes

Not everyone bustling through a crowded airport concourse is headed to a business power lunch or a leisurely Caribbean cruise. Some travelers, such as those heading to bereave a lost loved one or visit a sick relative, pack emotional baggage that can't be claimed on a luggage carousel. Even happy, healthy travelers can find themselves frustrated by the headaches of modern air travel-unforeseen fees, long security lines, and unpredictable delays.
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T.S.A. to Restrict Rules on Names Early Next Year

by Brandon Wenerd. Posted Nov 14th 2009 03:50 PM
Early next year, the next phase of the Transportation Security Administration's "Secure Flight" identity matching program will begin matching names on airline-issued boarding passes with passenger IDs at security checkpoints, according to a November 9th report in the New York Times. The new passenger verification measures will occur after airlines fully streamline reservations and other customer information, The Times reports.
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Zagat's First Cruise Ship Survey: The Results

by Brandon Wenerd. Posted Nov 12th 2009 03:52 PM

SeaDream Yacht Club

Zagat recently announced the completion of its first survey at sea on November 12th, rating and ranking cruise lines to help consumers make informed vacation decisions.
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Drug Lord's Home Now a Theme Park

by Brandon Wenerd. Posted Nov 5th 2009 05:06 PM

Raul Arboleda, AFP / Getty Images

The 4000-acre estate of Colombia's notorious cocaine kingpin Pablo Escabar is now an eccentric theme park and museum, according to a Fox News report on November 4th. Located between Bogota and Medellín, the theme park includes a bull ring, a private air strip, and the drug lord's classic car collection. The estate, called Hacienda Napoles, attracts 50,000 visitors a year, reports Fox News.
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Headline: Ex-Pilot Lives in Brazilian Airport After Being Dumped

by Brandon Wenerd. Posted Nov 2nd 2009 04:56 PM

Andre Penner, AP

A 46-year old German citizen has taken temporary refuge at the airport terminal in Campianas, Brazil after finding himself out of money and down on his luck, reported the Associated Press on October 29th. According to airport employees, Heinz Muller allegedly flew to Rio de Janeiro on October 2nd for a romantic rendezvous with a local woman he met on the Internet, the Associated Press reported. After he was allegedly left in a lurch by his hopeful lover and ran out of money, Muller ended up at airport in Campianas, an industrial town about 100 kilometers north of Sao Paulo, according to airport workers and an aviation spokesperson interviewed for the article.
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Pilot Back to Work After Handgun Accidentally Fired During Flight

by Brandon Wenerd. Posted Oct 12th 2009 03:12 PM

A US Airways pilot who was grounded by the airline after his handgun accidentally discharged on a flight is now allowed back in the cockpit, according to an October 9th Associated Press report. After serving an 18-month disciplinary suspension, the AP reports pilot Jim Langenhahn began flight training last Monday at a US Airways facility in Charlotte. Captain Langenhahn, a former Air Force pilot, will get his wings back from the airline under the provision that he will be prohibited from packing firearms aboard a plane in the future, the AP reports.

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Cruise Ships Collide Off the Coast of Mexico

by Brandon Wenerd. Posted Oct 5th 2009 04:06 PM

Greg Land, twitpic

The Tampa, Florida-based website, reported on Monday, October 5th that some cruise ship passengers were "happy to be back in Florida after their ship collided with another one off the coast of Mexico."

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