Points of Interest: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Search Continues

Posted Apr 10th 2014 08:52 AMUpdated Apr 10th 2014 01:41 PM


Malaysia Plane
Associated PressA woman ties a message card for passengers onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 at a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, earlier today.
The search for Malaysia Airlines MH370 continuing is among today's points of interest. Search Area Shifts for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
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Thomas Turk

Correction to my comment. 370 allegedly flew across the N of Malacca Sraits, not down the Mlacca Straits. Still not a single miltary nor satellite piece of evidence given to confirm this, apart from the false Inmarsat pings minfo.

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Thomas Turk

Another point of interest.

There is NO proof MH370 went South. Experts have stated that it is IMPOSSIBLE for engine pings to give directional information. Inmarsatt who first gave us this cock and bull story, refused to come to the 'briefing' to explain. NO miltary radar plot from Malaysia nor Indonesia has confirmed this large target flying down the Malacca Straits. It would have registered on every radar screen, (transponder OFF or ON). Suspicious is that the deepest part of the Indian Ocean was chosen to 'bury' 370, and that CNN and Al Jazeer is blocking every commenter from posting the link to the civil radar plot, that holds the key..

Malaysia stated they have information they cannot release. WHY? Is it something unusual that appeared on their civil radar plot? That plot is in the public domain and shows strange anomalies.
On that plot linked below MH370 does a few sharp turns, but NOT a turn back. Then 370 'drops instantly to sea level before shooting forward at extreme speed then disappearing. (That is why they first searched in the S China Sea). Also note the unidentified target doing approx 2500mph then stopping.

Maybe Malaysia feels that if they made this radar plot public, they would be a laughing stock. as every body knows unidentifed targets DON'T exist. Link to the moving civil radar map.


Ufos and ets? nasa, seti, astronomers, Discovery Channel tell us there are NO ufos under intelligent et control, BUT...

google Larry King CNN, Ufos shut down missile silos in US, UK and USSR.
google Wikipedia. Valentich, Cessna ufo abduction, Melbourne, Australia. (Full radio transcript recorded).
open www.theyfly.com

IF this was a ufo/et abduction, all would still be alive, but not coming back anytime soon.

I am a Rtd Airline Training Captain with multiple UFO sightings. In 1972 we carried Govt(?) UFO report forms in our Nav Boxes. I was the Pilot Union's rep. at all aircraft accident investigations in the 4 countries that owned the airline. That function was to ensure pilots got a fair hearing, even if deceased. I am quite comfortable with the ufo phenomena.

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