Marijuana-Inspired Theft Costs Colorado a Popular Landmark

Posted Jan 13th 2014 01:02 PMUpdated Jan 13th 2014 01:07 PM


Rethinking Pot The First Sales
Associated Press (not depicting individuals involved in sign's disappearance)
The story about marijuana overdoses killing 37 in Colorado on its first day of legalization was a joke. But pot-puffers have caused the state to replace a landmark for drivers so popular that it'd been stolen repeatedly.

Last year, the Colorado Department of Transportation switched out mile marker 420 on I-70 east of Denver for one reading 419.99.

As the International Business Times explains for those not up on the lingo, "420 is a popular 'secret' reference to marijuana smoking, supposedly originating in San Rafael, Calif., as a way for teenagers to organize smoke sessions." And while the 419.99 mile marker first garnered attention on Reddit a year ago, a photo of it went viral last week, after the state legalized marijuana sales.

The International Business Times also notes that the state had to replace a sign reading "Mile 69" with one saying "Mile 68.5." No word if pot-smokers are to blame for that sign's repeated disappearance as well.
[H/T Reddit]
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