Peeping Tom Causes American Airlines to Divert Flight

Posted Jan 8th 2014 12:32 PMUpdated Jan 8th 2014 12:33 PM


On Sunday, American Airlines flight 24 from San Francisco to New York was diverted to Kansas City after "an electronic device thought potentially to be a bomb was found on board," according to NBC News.

At first, authorities thought the device, which was taped to part of the lavatory, was a flash drive. Upon further investigation, however, it turns out the it was actually a hidden camera disguised as a flash drive. And it was directed exactly where you'd expect a camera in the bathroom to be aimed, Jaunted reports.

If you're the owner of the camera, the FBI is looking for you (and probably not so agents can return your device). Pro tip: Want to see pictures of people using airplane bathrooms? Stick to #selfies they posted themselves.

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