Watch a Polish Airport Security Officer Dive and Catch a Falling Baby

Posted Dec 17th 2013 10:47 AMUpdated Dec 17th 2013 10:58 AM



A Polish airport security guard is being hailed as a hero for making a shoestring catch of a falling baby.

According to the Telegraph, "the boy's father had placed his son on table as he busied himself collecting his possessions after passing through the airport's x-ray machine and metal detector."

The Telegraph quoted the guard, Grzegorz Paczek, as saying, "I was standing four to five meters away and I realised I had no chance of stopping him fall so I just threw myself along the ground with my arms outstretched. It was an instinctive reaction."

The incident occurred at Katowice International Airport on Nov. 23, according to, but video of the incident was just released. Paczek was given a bonus for his bravery.

[Via Reddit]
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Make the Money

Then the idiot Dad was going to put him back up there again.

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