13 U.S. Destinations France Warns Its Citizens About Visiting

Posted Nov 20th 2013 03:30 PM


Thief removing item from tourist's backpack, rear view, close-up of hand
France's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued travel warnings for parts of these nine U.S. cities-and for the entire state of Florida after dark-last week, "The International Business Times" reported.

Here are the security advisories in their entirety, along with photos of famous landmarks in the supposedly dangerous neighborhoods. (For the full effect, set the slideshow to "God Bless America" at full volume and, while watching it, munch on some Freedom Fries.) As the article notes, the U.S. State Department has no current travel warnings regarding any part of France.

Disclaimer: Conveniently for the French, but not so much for Americans who got a gentleman's C- in their high school study of the language, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published its list in French. Any issues with accuracy of the translations should be taken up with Google Translate.

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