Where to Go in October 2013: Yellowstone

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If you'd rather experience Yellowstone's geysers, scenery, and plethora of wildlife without a crowd of other people taking up space in your photos consider visiting the national park in October. Prices drop at area lodgings, meaning you can cuddle up to a fire in one of the West's historic lodges for a fraction of the regular price.

In fact, as winter draws near the animals are especially active -- they have to eat up to prepare for a long winter of hibernation. With thinner crowds, you can have a private bear, elk, wolf, mountain goat or bison viewing. This month also marks the end of elk rutting season, so keep your ears tuned to hear the loud, guttural bugle of a male elk asserting his dominance over other males.

The one thing to note -- Yellowstone's weather is unpredictable in October. You may have warm golden days, with beautiful fall foliage, or you could get hit with snow or wintery conditions. Keep this in mind when booking, but don't let snow turn you off from the park. As travelers will tell you, the geothermal springs and geysers are equally impressive against a setting of snow and ice.

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