Beach House Diaries: A Summer at the Shore

Posted Jun 6th 2013 03:30 PMUpdated Sep 5th 2013 01:37 PM


Beach House Diaries

For many Americans, summer means a chance to head to the beach -- from Myrtle Beach to the Jersey Shore to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. Beach house life offers the chance to escape normal routine, whether for a day, a week or a longer stretch of time. Some people buy a vacation home to take full advantage of the season. Others in need of a more temporary retreat sign up for a beach rental or crash at a friend's shore house.

This summer we're bringing you an insider look at life on the shore. Each week writer Susan MacCallum-Whitcomb will report on summer beach house life from her vacation home on Pictou Island, Nova Scotia. Follow along for a glimpse of the shore, plus tips on what to pack, how to entertain guests and how to relax at your own beach house.

Beach House Diaries

Week 1: A Shore Thing
Week 2: Reconnecting by Disconnecting
Week 3: Lobster Tales
Week 4: The Benefits of Busy Work
Week 5: Hosting Hazards
Week 6: Vacationing by the Book
Week 7: The Dog Days of Summer
Week 8: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Week 9: Eating the Pictou Island Way
Week 10: Beach House Diaries: Fun ... and Board Games
Week 11: Welcome to the Neighborhood
Week 12: The Call of the Wild
Week 13: The Kids are Alright
Week 14: Looking Back ... And Planning Ahead

Beach House Tips

10 Summer Beach House Packing Tips
10 Tips for Unplugging at the Beach House
5 Tips for Savoring Local Seafood
10 Tips for Transitioning from Work to Vacation Mode
5 Tips for Keeping Guests Safe
6 Tips for Summer Reading
6 Tips for Vacationing with Dogs
8 Teen Beach House Tips
Traditional Blueberry Grunt Recipe
7 Tips for Board Games at a Vacation Home
7 Tips for Being Neighborly at a Vacation Home
6 Tips for Going Wild in Nature
7 Tips for Hosting Kids at a Beach House
10 Tips for Saving on Beach House Rentals

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BORRRRING!!!! HEY THERE YOU! WHAT a STIFLING place to go.....would MUCH prefer ST. KITTS, which I have been DYING FOR, for EONS! Sincerely YOURS.....KATERI/CECELIA/CAITLIN/SARAH.......

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