5 Summer Road Trips Inspired by Hollywood Movies

Posted May 16th 2013 08:00 AMUpdated May 16th 2013 04:25 PM


The Hangover convertible highway sceneThe crazy, fun-loving buddies' road trip in The Hangover has inspired countless others to set out on their own memorable adventures. Two Hangover movies -- including the upcoming finale The Hangover Part III -- later, it's clear you don't have to head to Las Vegas to have the movie-inspired road trip of your life. From the stomach-dropping Grand Canyon scenery in Due Date to The Descendants journey along the lush roads of Hawaii, there's more than enough cinematic ground to be covered as you plan your next trip.

Check out the video below for a look at those and other summer road trips inspired by popular movies. For other movies that inspire travel, hop on over to Moviefone.

5 US Summer Road Trips Inspired By Hollywood Movies

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