7 Upscale Restaurants That Treat Kids Like Foodies

by Mara Gorman Subscribe to Mara Gorman's posts Posted Mar 26th 2013 10:23 AM


It's a dilemma many food-loving parents face if they want to dine out with their children on the road: Should they head for the casual chain that may not offer the best food but where it will be easy and comfortable to bring their kids? Or should they put on their game faces and go to the restaurant with the hand-made cocktails and award-winning pastry chef but no crayons or sippy cups in sight?

Happily, they don't always have to choose. In addition to focusing on the use of local, (mostly) healthy ingredients, some higher-end restaurants are becoming inclusive when it comes to families. Whether that's because the chefs themselves have children or because welcoming kids is a savvy business move, this means families are no longer consigned to mediocre dining.

All of the following restaurants will warm the heart of any traveling foodie. They serve creative dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients. In fact, they'd all make great date-night destinations. But they also offer special touches in service, food and décor that make them worthy of the coveted family-friendly label.

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