Greensburg, Kansas: Five Places to Go


Prior to May 4, 2007, a big night out in Greensburg, Kansas, might have been a visit to the soda fountain at Hunter's Drug Store for one of "Dickey's hickeys." Soda jerk Dick Huckriede had been serving up ice cream treats since the 1950s. Then on that May night an EF5 tornado -- the biggest and baddest category -- destroyed all but three buildings in this town of 1,500 people. Hunter's Drug Store was flattened along with almost everything else.

Thankfully, enjoying a treat from the soda fountain is still possible. Somehow in the midst of the clean-up, the soda fountain emerged, dented and dinged, but in pretty good shape. Today, that beloved soda fountain, now located in the Kiowa County Historical Museum, tops the list of five places to visit in Greensburg, the town with more LEED-certified buildings per capita than any place in the world.

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