Philadelphia for Kids: Five Historic Attractions That Won't Inspire Cries of Boredom

by Mara Gorman Subscribe to Mara Gorman's posts Posted Feb 25th 2013 02:30 PM


So you stood in line with your 6-year-old for an hour to learn that the Liberty Bell is in fact just a big bell. Then you discovered that the most exciting thing inside Independence Hall is a bunch of empty chairs where Benjamin Franklin and George Washington sat a very long time ago. It's true that few American cities boast as many historic attractions as Philadelphia. Yet if your kids aren't history buffs, all that history may go unnoticed amid their cries of boredom.

But don't give up in despair and assume you can't teach them something about Philadelphia's historic story. Happily, there are many fun options in Philadelphia for kids that will keep them so engaged they won't even know they're learning.

[Top Photo: Credit G. Widman for GPTMC]
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