Gerard Depardieu Pees on a Plane (Not in the Bathroom) (UPDATE)

Posted Aug 19th 2011 10:15 AMUpdated Aug 19th 2011 10:16 AM




UPDATE, 8/19: Depardieu has apologized, via his flying companion, for peeing on the plane.

Fellow actor Edouard Baer was flying with Depardieu when the incident occurred. In a statement, Baer said that Depardieu has "prostate problems" and he had not been drinking at the time, the BBC reports.

The statement read: "Gerard was upset at this and offered to clean up the mess. He has prostate problems and it was very worrying and humiliating for him. He was also stone-cold sober at the time. This is not the way he usually behaves."

Depardieu was removed from the flight and caught a later plane to Dublin.

Previously, 8/17: The French actor Gerard Depardieu gave the passengers on a CityJet flight from Paris to Dublin quite the show on Tuesday when he reacted to the news he would not be allowed to use a bathroom until after take off by urinating on the plane's carpet in full view of the cabin.

The story broke when an eyewitness went on the French radio station Europe 1 and recounted Depardieu's urinary performance. The witness said that Depardieu begged a stewardess to let him in the bathroom, saying "Je veux pisser" repeatedly.

The stewardess asked the actor to wait fifteen minutes for the plane to reach its cruising altitude. Depardieu, who the witness claimed -- believably -- seemed drunk, declined to do so.

"There and then he did it on the floor..." the witness said. "No one said anything. It all happened with courtesy."

After Depardieu relieved himself, the plane returned to its gate, where a grounds crew reportedly spent two hours cleaning up the mess.

A CityJet spokesman confirmed to Agence France Press that the incident had taken place, but did not say whether Depardieu had been been removed from the plane.

Gerard Depardieu, who runs a vineyard when he isn't acting, has a reputation for drunken antics. In 2009, he literally beat up a car near his home -- smashing the windshield with his fist -- and in 1990 was convicted of drunk driving.

The actor's turn in the role of public urinator is just the latest instance of what seems to be a growing trend: peeing-on-a-plane stories. A drunk skier may have peed on a sleeping 11-year-old last week and, in June, a drunk Jetstar passenger relieved himself in the aisle of a Singapore-bound jet.


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Monika Sarswat

Yup, this gets the awe of the day award!
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A Yahoo! user

December 24 2011 at 7:34 PM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply

Departieu actions are the total break down of society and any personal responsibility towards public decency or morality.

September 13 2011 at 1:37 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

hi! yes we have to let the drink... because its insane ... for our health ...

August 31 2011 at 11:27 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Talk about a real pisser, Gerard Dep-pee-doo is a PIG. They should have made him
mop up his own piss, french men are discusting.

August 19 2011 at 7:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hey those out in the World give Departieu a chance to "pee" like in the "Four Muskteers" If I was the last fifth muskteer then you know why I pee. Outhouses in air or land or by highways, we need to pee, indecent or not, pee-pee stations were established in early 1900's. So what. Embarassed ?? Nah. Don't be.

August 19 2011 at 6:58 PM Report abuse -1 rate up rate down Reply

Why couldn't the flight attendant just let him use the bathroom for 2 mins. and avoid this mishap! No one should beg! If it gets to that point ( begging) you know it is urgent! So then the next 2 hours are wasted cleaning up. The airlines owe him an apology!

August 19 2011 at 6:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Can't blame the three drunken musketeerers. We all including women need to pee. In flight or not we need a republican pee

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Gordon Mac

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November 13 2012 at 8:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Unaware I had bladder cancer, there was no grey area you either did not have to pee or you had to pee . No notice ahead of time. I had to wear depends.

August 19 2011 at 4:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Seriously, If you knew you were going to wet your pants, wouldn't you just ignore the stewardess and use the bathroom??? They don't have auto lock, and I doubt she would tackle you on your way. Prostate or Drunk, he made a bad decision.

August 19 2011 at 4:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to simmersck's comment

You obviously haven't been on a flight with demanding stewards. They WILL block your way.

August 19 2011 at 5:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to valgaavmiko's comment

He should have aimed it at the flight attendant and then they would not have had to scrub the rug.

February 01 2012 at 8:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down