Best Glamping Spots in America (PHOTOS)

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There are plenty of reasons to go camping: the scenic beauty, fresh air, relaxation... the list goes on. But, not everyone can deal with the less pleasant side of camping like pesky insects, sauna-like heat (or arctic tents and cabins), crowded showers that are shared with other families who want nothing more than to nakedly discuss how much they absolutely love this particular camping spot.

Well, you're in luck! To answer the call for a less... rustic camping experience, glamping is the solution for even the most delicate adventure seekers. It has all the perks of traditional camping with the added glamor of luxuries like indoor plumbing in your heated yurt (with hardwood floors, ahem) and 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets. No matter the part of the country, there's a glamping spot for everyone. Always wanted to visit Montana? Then head to Paws Up for the Big Sky Country experience without all the mosquitoes. If the South is more appealing, check out North Carolina's The Can't Find It Inn or northern Georgia's Martyn House in the Chattahoochee Forest.

Whether it's a week in a canvas yurt overlooking the cliffs of Big Sur, or just a kid-free weekend in a little cabin in North Carolina, there is a way to tell everyone at home that you've "gone camping" without actually coming home with ring worm.

Just remember: insisting on bringing toilet paper and sleeping bag renders the trip no longer "glamping."

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