8 Bed and Breakfasts with the Best Fixin's (PHOTOS)

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Bed and breakfasts promise the warmth and comfort of home for those on the road. But, how many of us are cozily welcomed home with a glass of wine by the fire or awoken by the smell of coffee and freshly baked scones every day?
Like at your most generous friend's house, the innkeepers live on site, so they know the area backwards and front and they can't wait to show you the best of it. The houses themselves, often in an idyllic setting, harbor a rich history and ooze character.

Whether they're haunted, were once homes of grand families, or have been passed down by generations of B&B owners, every portrait and floral bedspread tells a story.

One of the most obvious ways innkeepers show their passion for hospitality is through pampering their guests' palates. The Cocoa Cottage Bed and Breakfast is perfect for chocolate-lovers. Innkeepers make sure their guests are always staring down something cocoa-filled, whether it's homemade chocolates or the richest hot chocolate around. The Gastonian wakes its guests up with lemon ricotta pancakes or poached eggs with grilled tomato, creamy spinach, and apple-smoked bacon.

Near the charming, food-loving small town of Asheville, N.C., the Brookside Mountain Mist Inn boasts a multi-course homemade breakfast starting with scones or muffins, working toward a fresh fruit parfait, and finally an entrée like Belgium waffles, pecan French toast, or a Southwest chicken frittata. The hosts take care of all their guests' needs by accommodating diabetics, gluten-free diets, lactose intolerant needs, and vegans as well.

The romance of getting a key (instead of a card), making your way up creaking, wooden stairs, and receiving a friendly, warm hello from the hosts is surely not lost on us.

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