Pisa Puts a Hit Out on Trashy Souvenirs

Posted Aug 4th 2011 09:15 AM


Pisa Puts a Hit Out on Trashy Souvenirs

AFP/Getty Images

Wherever will we get boxer shorts with strategically-placed leaning towers anymore? Thanks to the city of Pisa taking itself too seriously, vendors selling "vulgar" souvenirs face hefty fines, reports news.com.au.

Boxers like those with the not-so-leaning tower cost one salesman 500 euro ($713) for the offense of selling "merchandise harmful to propriety." – Pisa's not playing around.

Other items on the hit list include aprons depicting the artfully chiseled core of Michelangelo's David and some suggestive Pompeiian art.

"These horrors must be eliminated from the shelves of souvenir merchants,'' Pisa mayor Marco Filippeschi told the press. And, of course, the local church judged the items "vulgar and offensive to the faithful''.

The cities of Florence and Siena joined Pisa in asking Tuscan regional authorities to grant them more power to protect the "urban environment."

That's OK, there's always Rome.

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I wouldn't say you should skip Pisa. I was there in the US Army in 1956, and never forgot the place. It was a great experience. Of course, back then we didn't have the $$ to spend on nonsense and I'm not sure they were openly selling items we would consider vulgar. At the same time, in '56, any American drug store selling adult magazines (they were called dirty magazines) would have been forced to close by community pressure. We are doing much better now, right? So, whether in Pisa, Rome, Paris, or your home town, follow your interests and enjoy.

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I for one really hated being mobbed by all of the cheap trinket salesman at Pisa. I thought it ruined the entire experience of going to Pisa. You couldn't walk 5 ft. without another one coming up to you with an arm full of junk trying to get you to buy. Plus, most of it was Aftrican merchandise which made no sense since we were in Italy! I much preferred the experience of seeing the leaning towers (2) of Bologna, Italy. The town is beautiful, the shopping great and the towers and the story behind them facinating. So my advice is to skip Pisa and head for Bologna instead.

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