Celebrity Vacation Homes We'd Most Like to Visit and What to Eat Nearby

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When a celebrity chooses a spot for a home away from home, they look for the obvious: total perfection. They want the homes and towns they vacation in to reflect themselves after all. And what do you do if you're a mega-duo like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, or mega-perfect like Gwyneth Paltrow? Buy multiple perfect homes, of course.

Whether it's a mansion in the South of France, a behemoth of a London home, or a private island crash pad, these are the houses that make us wish we were better friends with celebrities. We've assembled a list of these amazing abodes, along with some great places to dine the next time you find yourself hungrily skulking (NOT stalking) around the Italian Alps to catch a peek of George Clooney's digs or languishing in Laval near Celine Dion's Quebecois river retreat.

If only they knew what good houseguests we'd be!

Text by Josh Gardner/TheDailyMeal.com

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