Woman with Gun Arrested at California Airport

Posted Jul 27th 2011 09:00 AMUpdated Jul 27th 2011 10:17 AM


A woman was arrested Tuesday at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California, for trying to pass through security with a loaded gun, reports the Burbank Leader.

The unidentified woman, said to be in her 40s, was going through airport security on her way to a Southwest Airlines flight. The gun was spotted in her bag by the TSA agent manning the X-ray machine.

(For those who are wondering, airline passengers are allowed to fly with firearms, provided they are unloaded, checked and in a hard-sided case.)

Upon further inspection of the bag, officers found a .357 Magnum containing five rounds. The woman was arrested for possession of a concealed weapon.

Just the day before a United Airlines employee was accidentally shot in the leg while trying to check a passenger's rifle.

The TSA says it confiscates an average of two guns daily at airport checkpoints.

Seventeen guns were found by TSA agents for the week beginning July 18, according to the Leader.

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Liberty Over Safety

"The TSA says it confiscates an average of two guns daily at airport checkpoints."

With a 70% failure rate that means an average of over 6 guns a day make it past the checkpoint. Seem to me that if all this contraband is being smuggled by terrorists, then we would have a significant number of shootings on planes daily.

I wonder if all the added press about catching contraband in the posession of people who do not represent a threat is supposed to make me comfortable with WBI and "enhanced" patdowns, but then again this story like the rest indicates that the contraband was stopped by measures in place before the introduction of WBI and "enhanced" patdowns. I will continue to boycott flying until this experiment with the removal of individual rights runs its course and the people of this nation figure out that this is not making us safer. I guess if you believe that the terrorists attacked us because they "hate our freedom", then the DHS and TSA are protecting us by removing the freedoms the terrorists hate.

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