United Employee Shot By Loaded Luggage At Louis Armstrong International Airport

Posted Jul 25th 2011 04:35 PMUpdated Jul 26th 2011 01:57 PM



Associated Press

Talk about taking one for the team: A United Airlines employee was accidentally shot in the leg while trying to help a passenger check his gun, reports the Times-Picayune.

The incident occurred around 10:15 Monday at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

Edward Deubler, 65, was trying to check his hunting rifle when the gun went off. The round struck a nearby counter and a piece of shot hit a male employee in the leg. The employee was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

According to a sheriff's office official, Deubler was issued a misdemeanor summons for negligence.

Guns can be transported on airlines as they're in a locked, hard case and unloaded. (Deubler seems to have missed that last step.) However, according to the Transportation Security Administration, officers confiscate two guns a day on average at airports across the country.

Earlier this month, a man tried to board a Lufthansa flight with two stun guns. And, another tried to get his hands on a firearm by stealing it from a deputy.


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