Best Celebrity-Owned Homes & Hotels You Can Stay In (PHOTOS)

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Estate: It is a word that conjures wealth, history and old money - a term bandied about by the elite. The attraction of an estate is not a trampoline in the backyard or really refreshing leaps through the sprinkler. Instead, an estate offers all-inclusive luxury to its residents, luxury you (let's face it) probably cannot afford.

Or maybe not. More and more of the world's rich and famous are offering their personal estates or building brand new ones not as just as personal playgrounds, but as resorts available to the public.

In the oh-so-exotic-sounding Turks and Caicos is Parrot Cay Resort, where you can rent the Caribbean getaways of such notables as Bruce Willis, Donna Karan, Keith Richards, and Christie Brinkley. A little closer to home, in South Beach, the former Versace mansion has been converted to Villa by Barton G., a luxury boutique hotel complete with a fine dining room and afternoon tea service in the Mosaic Garden. Further on the horizon is Belize's Blackadore Caye, where actor Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be teaming with Four Seasons to build an eco-friendly, sustainable tourist destination.

Though not all the celebrity resorts are within the budgets of the average Joe (i.e. Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island), some of the destinations, like the Biltmore Estate's Inn, make it possible to live like a king, however briefly.

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