Marian Paterson, 94-Year-Old Woman, Gets TSA Patdown

Posted Jul 15th 2011 03:00 PM




Marian Paterson, a 94-year-old woman randomly screened by TSA agents at Raleigh-Durham International, took to the airwaves to complain about her treatment.

Paterson was flying home to Florida after visiting her daughter in North Carolina. ABC News reports that Peterson was pulled out of line and forced to stand while she was patted down very thoroughly by a polite female agent.

Paterson told a TV camera crew, which - rather oddly - also asked her to stand up and spread her arm, that the whole experience was too much for her and that she didn't understand why "of all people in America, why they'd pick out some little old lady."

Her son, Joe, told ABC that "they groped her...all over her body." He believes the TSA went too far. A TSA rep told the news station that they had yet to be contacted by the family.

A similar incident occurred in June when a 95-year-old cancer patient was patted down and forced to remove her adult diaper.

In light of a new government study showing that there were some 25,000 breaches of airport security since 9/11, should this sort of incident cause concern one way or another?

WATCH Paterson speak out below:

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This is truly ridiculous! Must we all just sit down and be idle about this and not get together as concerned Americans and boycott somebody or something regarding TSA and the body scanners and the pat downs? Seems as if the government has no shame and no regard for its people. I agree with having security, but this has gone way past what is decent and right! The only private things we have is our own thoughts and our own physical body, but those two things are being slowly taken away from us. We are already being brainwashed by believing this is all for our own good. Now I refuse to even step on a plane to go anywhere. If someone wants to see me, they will have to come to me lol...or else I'll get in the car and drive to them. The airlines won't be getting my money now, that's for sure!.

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I agree its gotten to be ridiculous. I've only flown a few times in my life because I'm very low income and now completely unable to walk let alone stand. I'm only 34 and I have to wear adult briefs. The case that bothered me the most was the 95 year old woman who had to take her brief off(that was overboard).If you're the trained professional you're supposed to be or a parent or grandparent you can tell the difference between a wet brief or dry one and especially if there's something in that brief that doesnt belong other than ****. unfortunately though in order for the security officer to make sure you do not have any metal beside the metal of your wheelchair they may have to physically get everyone or every so many(random)people out of their wheelchairs and if you CAN STAND thats the random person they will pick.(it's easier for them if the person isn't paralyzed ya know what I mean?) Plus in these times which plane would you rather be on? The one that makes it to its destination with no terrorists or not make it at all to see your children or mom and dad for the holidays. I lived in Nursing Homes for about 6 years on and off and one thing in life is for sure....YOU CAN NOT PLEASE EVERYONE. There's a very thin line between security and privacy these days.
P.S.....I would gladly give them my wet or soiled brief as long as they were going to undress me, wash me, dry me and put another clean one on me and get me redressed in unsoiled clothing. If they are not a nurse or personal care aide of some degree or another and they don't let my aide or a family member come in to the room with me and they do not have the proper equipment to pick me up and pick me back in my wheelchair safely(which no airport has the time or money to worry about getting or doing)then you are not touching me.
P.P.S.....If you can't use your disability to your ADVANTAGE then what good is it right?
Happy Holidays Hun
and a SAFE New Year to come

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Millions stand by and just give up their civil liberties. Now that should be the headline on every newspaper in the country.

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1 reply to camjus5's comment

You can have all the civil liberties I got as long as I arrive safe and sound on the other side of the Atlantic.

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Ed & Jan

If you dont like being patted down by security at air ports, then find some other means of tranportation. And yes, explovies can be carrided by old men women and children. Security job is to check everyone.

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Absolutely. We have proof that terrorists are capable of strapping bombs to retarded citizens and sending them into market places....what kind of people do you think youre dealing with? You have to outthink them at every turn.Goid forbid I lose a loved one cause someone was too insulted to go through a patdown.

July 17 2011 at 7:23 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Yeah, even in wet diapers! Some of the stuff in diapers could be dangerous!!

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I flew to DC with two pocket knives in my purse. I forgot to take them out before I left home. I stood there and watched my purse go through security both ways with no one objecting. I could see them on the scanners. Why didn't they?
The so called security checks have more to do with controlling us than protecting us. The people working for TSA are not well paid enough, not well trained enough and are so zoned out they can't do an adequate job anyway.
I choose not to fly at all. I won't have someone invade my personal space unnecessarily.
Did they honestly think that a 94 year old woman was going to pack heat? Blow something up? It's gone too far.

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Yes, they did, and yes, she could. Ill bet there are old people dying of cancer anyway who could be bribed to carry somehting on board....for a price. Its not out of the realm of possibility.

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what? 94 years old's can't carry bombs or drugs?

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a friend of mine worked in custioms in the 80s and said a common ruse was to get a dead baby{or maybe kill iut on purpse, scoop it out and pack it with cocaine.It was thought men wouldnt disturb a sleeping baby on momns shoulder.

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Nic the wonder puppy

I only hope if I make it to 94, someone pats me down

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Appeals Court with a 3-0 decision said that this type of security is necessary when the constitutionality of the TSA arm of the government was challenged. We have already been told that TSA is above the law. This means that we "The People" are being prepared for further restrictions that the government will bestow upon us as time goes on. Remember, these full body scanners have higher radiation levels and the pat downs are invasive. The past head of Homeland Security reaps financial rewards for the full body scanners...The Chertoff Group. Remember Michael Chertoff? This security has nothing to do with terrorism it has to do with control of citizens. Let's have a TSA Pat Down Day like the lady at the Pheonix airport. Remember, government people; i.e., your representatives do not receive this security check at airports. Do you really think that they should be above the law?

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Guilty until proven innocent. All you morons that gather like sheep to have the government assault your individual and civil rights simply to travel are the very reason the police state is alive and well. Keep drinking the cool-aid and we'll all end up like Jonestown. Not objecting to this invasion by our very government is proof evident that the terrorist have won and it is only a matter of time until "freedom" is a foot note in history.

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1 reply to TC's comment

i'd rather have my junk patted than have my balls scattered!

July 16 2011 at 9:26 PM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply
Jane Smith

Then stay home if it's too much for you.
She's just complaining because nobody's touched those places since 1948

July 16 2011 at 6:46 AM Report abuse -3 rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to Jane Smith's comment

You are a fool Jane Smith, if that is your real name.

July 16 2011 at 9:35 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

that's exactly what i thought!

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