Eco-Friendly Flying: How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint In The Skies

by AOL Travel Staff Subscribe to AOL Travel Staff's posts Posted Jun 28th 2011 10:00 AM


A A A has released their list of the most and least efficient airlines around the world. Which begs the question, how do ordinary citizens make their flights greener?

There are a handful of tips for people who want to make flying more energy efficient. How you choose your aircraft, your flight's seating arrangements and even flight time all have implications on a flight's efficiency.

The five main keys to take into account are an aircraft's passenger load factor, seat density, freight share, distance and fuel economy are all "critical factors for accurate flight carbon measurement and measurement," Brighter Planet reports. Check out a list of the greenest airlines here.

Here's the good news: Air travel efficiency has increased 20% since 2000, saving U.S. airlines a whopping $33 billion on fuel and prevented 670 billion pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted.

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