JFK Officials Find 5 Pounds Of Cocaine In Abandoned Suitcase

Posted Jun 27th 2011 05:45 PM



AP File

Customs agents at New York's JFK Airport found nearly five pounds of powder cocaine in abandoned luggage last week, officials told NBC on Monday.

The cocaine was found in four pairs of sneakers in an abandoned piece of luggage that came to New York from the Dominican Republic, Customs and Border Officials told NBC.

Shockingly, the drugs have a street value of a little over $107,000.

Officials said it was unclear whether the bag had been abandoned first or the owner, afraid of the authorities, abandoned the suitcase.

In February, a Boston woman was charged with swallowing 50 pellets of cocaine on a JetBlue flight from the Dominican Republic. And in March, another Boston woman wore a diaper full of cocaine on a JetBlue flight also from the Dominican Republic.

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