Crew Flies Boeing 747-8 From Seattle To Pittsburgh For Sandwiches

Posted Jun 25th 2011 09:15 AMUpdated Jun 26th 2011 10:07 AM



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The Seattle-based flight crew testing out Boeing's 747-8 decided to take the new jet for a Pittsburgh for some sandwiches.

It all went down on Wednesday, when flight test director Paul Shank handed out Pittsburgh's famous Primanti Brothers menus while in Seattle.

Roughly 8 hours and 2,500 miles later, the flight crew landed in Pittsburgh to nosh on some sandwiches, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

Staffers from the Pittsburgh-based Atlantic Aviation picked up the sandwiches, and the crew was back en route to Seattle an hour later.

Shank told the paper: "Everybody loved it. They were all like, 'Who would have thought to put fries and cole slaw on a sandwich?' It was comfort food for me, something that reminded me of home."

In the future, Shank told the paper, he and his crew will take the plane to try out some pasties in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and lobster rolls in Maine.

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