Hurtigruten Cruise Ship Live Streams Voyage, Sets Ratings Record (PHOTOS)

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This may only happen in Norway: Live video feed of a Hurtigruten a cruise ship sailing the coast of Norway for six-days has set a ratings record in the country.

The fjord trip entitled "Hurtigruten--Minute by Minute", broadcast by Norway's NRK, was watched by 2.54 million Norwegians--more than half the country's population! Additionally, 7% of viewers came from Denmark, and 4% each from Germany, the U.K., France, and the United States.

The MS Nord-Norge sailed 1,460 nautical miles along the coast; it's voyage was streamlined on the NRK2 website for 134 hours straight (check it out here), Variety reports.

It took a crew of 22 with 11 cameras to capture the journey.

The ship left from the southwestern city of Bergen on Thursday and docked on Wednesday morning in Norway's northernmost point, a town on the Russian border called Kirkenses where the sun doesn't set in summer.

The highest volume time? Midnight on Sunday when the ship sailed into the Trollfjord in Lofoten, showing the Midnight Sun.

Well-wishers across the country met the ship at its ports of call. Even the Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, got in on the action, Tweeting: "This is Norway at its absolute best."

According to the NRK website, the cruise line has been sailing the Norwegian coast since 1893, and it's been dubbed "The World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage."

Check out some of the stunning views armchair travelers were able to see below, all courtesy of Flickr's nrkbeta.

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