Delta Airlines Passenger Pissed About Urine-Soaked Luggage

by AOL Travel Staff Subscribe to AOL Travel Staff's posts Posted Jun 22nd 2011 10:15 AM



In the YouTube video below, Haze takes us on a guided tour of the destruction: stolen aftershave, urine-soaked clothes and toothpaste everywhere.

Haze also says in the video that Delta rather inefficiently sent his bag from London to Boston, back to London, back to Boston and on to Minneapolis.

This is just the latest example of a YouTube-fueled Delta scandal. A video made by a soldier who the airline charged for carrying extra luggage went viral earlier this month. The airline was forced to apologize and change its policy on active duty military officers' luggage fees.

Perhaps Haze's video will result in the airline adopting a "No Urinating on Passengers' Luggage" policy.

Update: Delta responded to the Sy Haze situation by giving the following statement to Time Magazine's Newsfeed blog:

"We are talking with the customer to apologize for the misdirected bag and secure information on the condition in which his bag was returned to identify a cause and offer resolution. As it relates to the actual handling of the bag, if anything happened outside of our normal procedures it is unacceptable and will be closely reviewed."

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