Cynthia Aguilar Paddleboards Across Florida Straits (PHOTOS)

by AOL Travel Staff Subscribe to AOL Travel Staff's posts Posted Jun 17th 2011 08:15 AM



Cynthia Aguilar, a Miami Beach lifeguard, completed a paddleboard crossing of the Florida Straits on Thursday.

Aguilar started the 103.2-mile journey just 14 miles shy of northern Cuba, landing in Key West on Thursday after paddling for 29 hours and 12 minutes, the Associated Press reports.

She is the first solo prone paddleboarder to cross the Straits and is aiming to set a record for the longest non-stop prone paddle.

When she arrived in Key West, she hugged her parents as supporters looked on, popping champagne (which Aguilar doused her board with).

Her attempt will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida.

Check out pictures of Aguilar's super ripped arms below.

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