Barack Obama Ireland Trip: President Chugs A Guinness (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

by Kate Auletta Subscribe to Kate Auletta's posts Posted May 23rd 2011 05:15 PM



President Obama gave it the old college try while visiting a pub in Moneygall, Ireland on Monday.

The President and First Lady were visiting his ancestral home of Moneygall, the home of his great-great-great grandfather, Falmouth Kearney, when they visited a pub and drank them some Guinness.

Obama looked at the assembled crowd and quipped, "I have been told that people are very particular about the person behind the bar." He then glanced at the bartender and said "So people ask for this guy?"

He then took a long sip and said "That's good stuff there."

He looked around a bit, put his hand in his pocket, pulled out some money and stated: "I just want to show that the President pays for his beer."

Obama downed the thick beer in only four slurps. Christy O'Sullivan, a government clerical worker who took a long lunch break to watch the Obama's trip to Moneygall, told the AP: "The president actually killed his pint! He gets my vote. He's the first president I've actually seen drink the black stuff like he's not ashamed of something."

Obama did better than the Queen did on her trip to the Guinness factory last week. She and Prince Philip awkwardly stared at a pint of Guinness before moving along for the rest of the tour.

Check out the photos and video below:

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