Baby Receives Pat Down at Kansas City Airport (VIDEO)

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Albuquerque-bound passenger Jacob Jester was standing in the TSA line when he noticed a woman with her child who was about the same age as his son.

When he was passed security he turned around and noticed the woman had gotten held up by the TSA, Australian new site reports.

Jester took at picture of the pat down and posted it to his Twitter account, with the message: "Just saw #tsa agents patting down a little baby at @KCIAirport. Pretty sure that's extreme."

The photo has sparked outrage and debate, and currently has been viewed 310,295 times.

Yet the TSA has maintained a policy of a "modified" pat down for children 12 or younger.

This isn't the first time a pat down of a child has sparked debate: In April, a 6-year old was given a pat down, fostering a heated discussion about TSA practices.

MSNBC spoke with Jester about his experience, and heard from the TSA about the particular incident.

WATCH the interview below:

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