Rageit Almurisi, American Airlines Passenger Pounds On Cockpit Door, Wrestled To Ground

by Kate Auletta Subscribe to Kate Auletta's posts Posted May 9th 2011 08:15 AM



Rageit Almurisi, a 28-year old man with a Yemeni passport, started yelling "unintelligibly" as he brushed past flight attendants and started banging on the cockpit door on American Airlines flight 1561.

A male flight attendant tackled Almurisi. Sergeant Michael Rodriguez of the San Francisco Police Department said that the flight attendant "asked for help; a couple of passengers joined in. They were able to get him to ground and a flight attendant put him in plastic handcuffs."

Almurisi was taken into police custody upon landing safely at 9:10 pm.

He was charged with interfering with flight crew, which is a federal offense.

Almurisi sustained some bruises in the scuffle and was checked into a local hospital before being taken to the San Mateo County Jail.

The American Airlines incident wasn't the only one of its kind over the weekend. On Sunday, a Delta flight from Detroit to San Diego landed in Albuquerque, N.M. after a security scare. Also on Sunday, a Continental flight from Houston to Chicago was diverted to St. Louis after an Illinois man tried to open the plane door during the flight, the Associated Press reports.

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