11 Best Travel Apps (PHOTOS)

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Smartphone apps make the world go 'round, and some just help us get around the world. Just think of all the everyday travel mishaps (language barriers, bad meals, flight delays) that are easy to avoid if only phones were armed with handy apps.

We asked ShermansTravel.com for their list of favorite, wave-of-the-future travel apps that are sure to lead people to exclaim "this is genius!"

Text and captions courtesy of ShermanTravel.com, adapted from "Top 10 Travel Apps." Plus, check out a bonus app that's one of our favorites here at AOL Travel.

All photos via Apple.com.

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Check out Musement, the new app for travel and art lovers with hundreds of cultural experiences all over the world! Book museums and city tours on the go with just a few clicks, letting you skip the line and have more time to explore: www.musement.com

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Gadget Girl

There is a need for a better translator. We reviewed the Cab Corner app for the iPhone. It allows you share a cab with strangers in NYC so you can save money and be more environmentally friendly. Not sure if other cities have a similar app . Check it out: http://youtu.be/SJR4Zuy3Nv4

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A better translator is indeed a good option Gadget Girl, we are going to review the majority of mobile translator on www.maindevice.com, so stay tuned. also, do check out this list http://www.maindevice.com/2011/11/08/11-basic-travel-apps/ for more interesting travel apps

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I would recommend this colorful iphone app that has audio translations of some very funny cuss words... its a free app as well! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pottymouth!-lite/id401484986?mt=8

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Great suggestions. Too add - I’ve found that the FlightView is really handy to have. I do a lot of traveling and the app always keeps me informed about the status of my flights. I also always suggest that my friends picking me up at the airport download it so they aren’t stuck circling the airport if I’m behind schedule. I have the Elite version on the Android - It’s always been accurate and helpful. FlightView also has a free version which I used to have, but then I upgraded to Elite for the additional features.

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If you want to view Hotel photos, information & prices for Hotels, Apartments & Villas in Cyprus Bookcyprus.com iPhone & iPad application is the best application for you then! http://bit.ly/rgQYRs

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I'd also recommend the Wolfram Travel Assistant App -- it includes lots of valuable resources for travelers, including a currency converter and voltage, calling code, and zip code information. It computes gas prices, has lots of information about flights and airlines, plus local area statistics and geography.


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Great list above. I've also found these apps useful when planning out trips and using them to navigate through the places. http://www.skinnyscoop.com/list/claudia/my-fav-travel-navigation-apps2

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One thing that is missing from this list is currency conversion. It's always a drag to try and figure out the exchange rate when you visit another country.
I created an iPhone app that does it as easy as possible: just launch the app and it shows you the dollar exchange rate based on where you're located (so in London for example it'll show you the pound to usd rate).
And it's fun to use too http://bit.ly/dollarate (cost $0.99)

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Great list of recommendations! One app I love when traveling is the TV Everywhere app by DISH Network. As a customer and employee I’ve been using it since it came out in 2010. I can watch live or recorded shows off my receiver at home no matter where I am, so long as I get a 3G connection, and I can do it on a smart phone, tablet computer, or laptop. Perfect for helping fight the jet lag or in between flights at the airport.

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This is a multi-part series of free travel apps - http://travelonthedollar.com/2011/02/04/free-travel-apps-for-iphone-ipod-ipad/
Amazing list. Make sure to check out all the parts.

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