St. Louis Tornado: Man Films Tornado From Inside Airport (VIDEO)

Posted Apr 26th 2011 11:30 AMUpdated Apr 26th 2011 11:34 AM



AP Images

The tornado that ransacked St. Louis on Friday left Lambert airport struggling to get back on schedule (the airport is meant to be at 100% on Tuesday). A male passenger in the hardly hit C concourse was filming the surrounding lightning storm when the tornado hit.

Though he doesn't reveal where he was headed, the man was calmly filming the lightning (the video does reveal a few amazing views of lightning strikes) when people start screaming and running away from windows.

It's hard to imagine what a tornado that powerful was like to be near. But this man's unbelievable video--he keeps filming the entire time--offers a glimpse into what it must have been like.

Watch the video below:

Watch a security camera's angle of the tornado below:

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