10 Of The Best Beaches For Families (PHOTOS)

by AOL Travel Staff Subscribe to AOL Travel Staff's posts Posted Apr 25th 2011 07:30 AM


Ahhh . . . the family beach vacation. It's as all-American as apple pie, a time-honored tradition where some of the best childhood memories are made.

Everyone has their favorite sands, but when it comes to family-friendly options, not all are created equal.

ShermansTravel.com picked 10 great family beaches across the country that parents and kids alike are guaranteed to love – whether for their gentle surf, range of activities, sand-castle potential, or educational elements.

So gather the gang and pack up the SPF and beach ball – it's time to take the clan to the sand!

Text, photos, and captions courtesy of ShermanTravel.com, adapted from "Top 10 Family Beaches."

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