Lost In The Amazon: Searching For The Real Indiana Jones (VIDEO)

Posted Apr 15th 2011 08:30 AMUpdated Apr 15th 2011 09:58 AM



amazon jungle

Peter Von Puttkamer

Ever wondered what it would be like to search for a lost city? To get lost in the Amazon Jungle hunting for clues and relics that could lead you to a groundbreaking discovery? Read on to find out what happened to Col. Percy Fawcett, the real Indiana Jones.

Filmmaker Peter Von Puttkamer knows. Puttkamer is the producer and director of "Lost in the Amazon", part of the PBS series "Secrets of the Dead".

In this AOL Travel exclusive interview, Puttkamer takes us inside the Amazon as he and adventurer Niall McCann search for the original Indiana Jones, famed adventurer Col. Percy Fawcett. The legendary Fawcett disappeared in in the depths of the Amazon while searching for a lost city Fawcett named "Z".

Inspired to strike out and hunt for a lost city? It might not be as difficult as one might imagine...

Peter Von Puttkamer tells AOL Travel that "Ancient religious sites or geoglyph sites, are a part of a 160 sq mile city state emerging from the Amazon jungle. It's between 800 and 2000 years old. No one knows exact meaning and function of this geometric sites - earthworks (some 20 ft deep) spread out across the land, once in the jungle now emerging as farming continues to pull back the forest canopy."

Von Puttkamer says that amateur armchair adventurers can input specific coordinates into Google Earth and actually see the earthworks being discovered if zoomed in far enough.

Located about 6km east from Boca do Acre city Airport.
Coordinates: S 08 50' 38", W 67 15' 11"

Geoglyph site Mustafa One
250m wide quadrangular structure, crossed by a 12m wide NE-SW oriented road.
Coordinates: S 08 52' 32", W 67 14' 42"

Mustafa Two
Coordinates: S 08 53' 15",W67 14' 42"

Mustafa Three
It is a 100m wide square, with a road leaving it in the south direction, vanishing after 120m.
Coordinates: S 08 53' 11",W67 10' 19"

Boca do Acre One
Located 16km north-east of the Cruzeirinho site Coordinates: S 8 43' 13",W67 10' 34 Another example was located at Ranch Paran´a on the east side of the BR-317 road in the state of Acre, not very far away from a tributary of the Iquiri River, but clearly in terra firme S 09 47' 13.5",W67 20' 35.2"

Coordinates provided courtesy of the discovering scientists Denise Schaan, Alceu Ranzi and Martti Parssinen who are working on the site.

"Lost in the Amazon" airs on PBS' "Secrets of the Dead" series on April 20, 2011 at 8pm.

Want to step it up a notch and get out there and dig around? Check out these Archaeological Dig Vacations.

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Anyone interested really should read the book that gave them the idea. The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon by David Grann. It is a great read.

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Colonel Fawcett

All in all an enjoyable read for all of us keen to learn more about Colonel Fawcett.

For those who are interested I have just published a new book (novel) ADVENTURE - Expedition to the Lost City, about Colonel Fawcett with flashbacks to his 1925 expedition after he left Dead Horse Camp and was never seen again. The story takes the reader into the Amazon jungle to search for the Lost City of Z.

Adventure will take you inside the Lost City to learn of its many secrets and dangers. A thrilling story of adventure and discovery that weaves together an exciting blend of fact and fiction linked to the legends surrounding the lost Fawcett expedition and the mysterious Amazonian Jungle.
For full details, please visit my extensive website about Colonel Fawcett http://www.fawcettadventure.com

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Well, I'm not him, but I did search for the Ark of the Covenant. I never found it, but the things I did find are more incredible than you would believe...Alfred-

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As for the Amazon, my uncle Henry did this first in the 1930's. I used to visit his estate in Coral Gables, Florida as a boy. He brought back a lot of strange species. The orchids were incredible. His main reason for the Amazon safaris was to look for flavors to use in his soft drink empire....Alfred-

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I just wasted an hour of my life trying to get GOOGLE EARTH to zoom in close enough to see any of the locations mentioned in this article. A TOTAL WASTE of time.

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I just wasted an hour of my life trying to get GOOGLE EARTH to zoom in close enough to show the locations mentioned in this article. Google Earth just wouldn't get in close enough to see anything. A total waste.

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There's no need for me to search. I actually knew a real life Indiana Jones. He graduated from Harvard with straight As and was in Egypt when they started duking it out with Israel back in 1973.

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Maybe the world will get lucky and Get real will get lost.

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Get real.

This author needs to research more. The "real" Indiana Jones was based on comic books and numerous explorers from the 1920's and 1930's, all molded together into one single character. Richard Halliburton was probably the man who most personified Indiana.

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