Vintage Airline Ads: Remembering the Good Old Days Of Flying

Posted Apr 11th 2011 02:30 PMUpdated Apr 11th 2011 03:27 PM


vintage airline ads

Screenshot; GeorgeVreelandHill, YouTube

Once upon a time, flight attendants sported high fashion, meals were practically restaurant quality and legroom was included in the price of a basic ticket. Those ideas might seem foreign today, but they used to be front and center in airline advertising. For a taste of the good old days - and a killer time warp - here are five airline commercials from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Pan American Airlines, 1954
Join Pan Am on Flight 1000 as it travels through the vast "Atlantic air ocean" to London. The Boeing 707 jet clipper featured here - en route from New York's Idlewild airport - is billed as the first American commercial jet capable of economical transatlantic service. Don't miss the in-flight hors d'oeuvres served on a silver tray, and dinner selection off a silver cart.

United Airlines, 1960s
From the looks of this United spot, men had all the high flying fun in the 60s. But, to incentivize the fellas to bring their lovely ladies along for the ride, United offered one-third off her fare. And, it could be charged on an United credit card! The troupe of singing wives definitely approved.

United Airlines, 1971
It's never been easier to fly the friendly skies than with United's Friendship Room. A feature on the company's DC-10 aircraft, the Friendship Room was where coach passengers could kick back and relax at 30,000 feet.

Trans World Airlines, 1977
TWA flight attendant Bonnie shows of the company's Wide Bodied 1011 aircraft. Sure, it is done up in soothing gold and orange hues, but get a load of all that legroom. It gets even better when attendant Stephanie appears, promising steak dinners in coach on all flights with meals.

Continental Airlines, 1970s
A chorus of Continental flight attendants, pilots and staff sing their promises to really move their tails for travelers. If the snazzy orange uniforms sported by the flight attendants weren't awesome enough, check out the in-flight meal - salad tossed tray-side and fresh carved prime rib.

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Notice how everybody is white anglo saxon - exclusively. Maybe they had a section for African Americans in the back of the plane where you could pull a curtain to hide them.

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It was a different world back then. Airfare was regulated up until 1978. In order to attract customers, since airlines couldn't have the cheapest fares (due to regulations), airlines competed to have the best product.

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