Shark Bites Cancun Tourist

Posted Mar 25th 2011 11:30 AMUpdated Mar 25th 2011 12:18 PM


A woman who did not listen to a warning from a lifeguard became the second tourist to be attacked by a shark in Cancun this year.

Believed to be from Russia, the woman went about 100 yards into the water off Gaviotas beach despite being warned not to, lifeguard Lazaro Magana tells the Associated Press. Sharks had been spotted in the area.

Magana says the tourist was taken to the hospital with an 8-inch wound on her foot.

In late January, a Canadian tourist suffered a severed arm and serious leg injuries as the result of a shark attack near a hotel in the Mexican resort. The 38-year-old woman was swimming about 50 feet from shore when she encountered the shark, believed to be a female coming close to shore to give birth.

A doctor at a private local hospital said at the time that such shark attacks are "exceptional" and rare in Cancun.

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I believe that some people have something "personal" with the country, don't miss with nature, Thats the lesson no one and nothing assures you to be 100% safe anywhere, maybe should stay home to be 100% secure o wait 24% of deaths in the U.S take place in their own home:)

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I do not believe for a minute that this woman ignored the lifeguard warning to "stay out of the water". This is typical Mexican "damage control". Blame the victim. It is the way they handle every tragedy time and time again. Mexico is a dangerous country to travel to period! A shocking 32% of all non-natural deaths of U.S. citizen’s outside this country occur in Mexico. Many of these deaths happen inside of the resorts and are a direct result of poor or nonexistent safety standards. To read tragic Mexico vacation death stories, as well as stories written by victims that “survived” their Mexico vacation, go to:

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I was there when this occured. There were no warnings posted not to get in the water. There were over 1000 people in the water up and down the beach when this occured. I do not expect the Mexican government to protect me from sharks...just the drug lords. I'm sorry that someone was injured by a shark but at least I felt safe from the thugs during my vacation. I'm sorry the Mexican government has put a "spin" on this that the woman was out in the water even though she was advised not to. That's not true but I can understand their need to feel like they needed to issue this statement. I know tourism has suffered due to the drug thugs but it's not the Mexican government's fault that sharks exist. I'm already looking forward to my next Cancun vacation!

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my whole problem is people being selfish and complaining because they want someone to control nature for their best interest. people in the mountains want something done about the BEARS getting in their homes.....IT'S THE BEARS HOME (THEY WERE THERE 1ST). If YOU ARE GOING TO GO INTO ANOTHER SPECIES TERRITORY--EXPECT THE WORST OR STAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SWIM in the OCEAN (sharks)---take the CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!
BUILD in the MOUNTAINS (avalanches, bears, cougars, mountain lions)----take a CHANCE!!
BUILD on an ISLAND (hurricanes,tsumani's, high tide) ---take a CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!
LIVE in TORNADO ALLEY----take a CHANCE!!!!!!!
LIVE in CALIFORNIA (earthquakes, wild fires, land slides)-----take a CHANCE!!!!!!!!

DON"T MESS WITH NATURE, let it take it's course....

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so no one commented on the idea of showing a pic of a hammerhead instead of a g-white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thank you for correcting me on the status of a whale shark.the whale shark is in the fish species but still a SHARK! the comments i made was a joke for reporters as for the name SHARK, as r.m. stated "when there is an attack they always show a "great white". it is unfair to the great white!!!!!

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Shark Week isn't until August.

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Why fly to Mexico when u can go to main street

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Everytime I eat in Cancun I get Montezuma's revenge. I hope the shark did too.

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Sir, you are the personification of the word "douchebag."

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