Giant Squid Lands on Delray Beach

Posted Feb 11th 2011 04:00 PMUpdated Feb 23rd 2011 11:13 AM


A giant, prehistoric-looking squid made an appearance in Delray Beach, Florida, surprising lifeguards and beachgoers.

The 3-foot-long squid was drifting close to shore before it washed onto the beach, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

The orange and yellow squid was wounded and squirting ink "by the cupful," the newspaper reports.

Realizing the marine creature was in trouble, onlookers quickly sprang into action to help the squid back out to sea.

"It's used to being in places that are dark and black," says Delray Beach Ocean Rescue lifeguard Conor Gorman. "To be in the sunshine on the beach was not a good spot."

Gorman and helpers gripped the squid's muscular tentacles and got the creature into a cooler.

Then the lifeguard and a pal released the squid into the sea.

"He'll probably get eaten by a shark," Gorman says. "But I'd rather have [the squid] die in the ocean where it's supposed to."

According to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, squid inhabit Florida waters year-round. But a spokesman says such a sighting is "very unusual."

Photo, Conor Gorman/Orlando Sentinel

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Pablo Ramudo

so not only is it not a giant squid- Architeuthis dux- but its not even a squid -Order Teuthis. This is a female tremoctopus violaceus. a pelagic octopus. All that orange "stuff" in the surf was once part of the animals body, it was clearly too damaged and nothing could have been done to save it. They don't normally come near shore so this animal was probably carried in by a current and overcome by warm, oxygen poor water- or was diseased and unable to navigate properly.

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Excellent catch with the species ID. Nice to know there are a few knowledgeable people on the web!

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Thomas Pauley

Yes, Mr. Ramudo is a credit to his race, whatever that mey be (no offense). and my filipino roots tell me that this would have made the "mother of all caldos de 7 mares". Hay, Mama'

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Fate Sealer

Well, hindsight is always 20/20. Given we weren't there, we don't know what resources were availabe to these folks (i.e. if there was any professional help out there to help this wayward squid).

Folks need to remember that not every region of the world has the proper resources for every given event.

Think of it this way... the outcome (as far as the human interaction was concerned) could have been far worse... those humans could have cooked said squid and had themselves lunch.

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Tim Sanders

Perhaps a better question would be "Why are so many "giant squid" and
baby dolphins dying on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico." Giant squid
often eat bottom feeding fish and shell fish, which are high in toxins
resulting from the BP oil spill which is still blanketing the sea bed
of the Gulf of Mexico. These toxins build up in the milk of mother
dolphins and new borns nursing are in effect consuming milk with high
levels of poisons from the chemical used to help sink the oil to the
bottom so the public could not see it (out of sight out of mind). The
oil spill has effectively killed all the coral colonies as well as all
bottom dwellers in an area of over 800 square miles. And BP's 20
Billion Dollar clean up fund has disappeared as public awareness and
interest in the follow up has evaporated. And yes, the "Giant" squid
seen is a young one. Google .....Environmental Disaster
Organizations...and get involved if you can.

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Ken R

You should have seen the one that got away....

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Cool images. To me seems to be an uncommon large pelagic octopod. Interesting finding,

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Poor thing... :(

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The poor squid did that because it needed help and thought that a human may help it, after all we have been known to help other sea animals and I think they tell others in the sea about it. I believe they have some form of smarts about them to seek bad they weren't able to help it.

February 14 2011 at 11:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The thing is,their suction cups have teeth in'd have to be very careful messing with those things.

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