Man Punches Teen Over Cell Phone Use on Plane

Posted Dec 29th 2010 10:30 AMUpdated Dec 30th 2010 11:12 AM


When a 15-year-old teenager didn't turn off his cell phone as instructed on a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Boise, Idaho, the 68-year-old passenger next to him on the airplane punched him, leaving a mark.

Russell Miller, a Boise resident, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery after the flight landed, according to Boise police.

"He thought he had to take action," says Lt. Kent Lipple. "The suspect decided to act on his own accord and he is going to spend some time in jail."

Miller was booked into the Ada County Jail, Lipple adds.

The teenager, who was traveling alone, did not require any medical attention.

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