Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

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Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

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The holidays are upon us and shopping for the traveler in your life is easier than ever, thanks to our Holiday Gift Guide. From smart solutions to airport security to high-tech travel gear, we've got you covered.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


In-flight tray tables, hotel TV remotes, questionable utensils; the world of travel can be a very germy place. Next time you're faced with a potentially grimy encounter, whip out a Zadro Nano UV Disinfectant Scanner ($79.99) and zap the germs away. Using ultraviolet lights, the Zadro scanner can kill 99.9% of germs on a surface within 10 seconds. Conveniently sized like a cell phone and powered by AA batteries, it's an easy addition to anyone's purse or carry-on.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


All U.S. passports issued since October 2006 are embedded with RFID (radio-frequency) smart chips -- great for security, as long as immigration officials are the only ones reading that information. The Nappa RFID Passport Wallet ($38.95) shields your passport and your smart credit cards from would-be identity thieves.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


If you are environmentally conscious -- and you think paying $4 for a bottle of water at the airport is outrageous -- add the Hydros reusable water-filtering bottle ($29.99) to your gift list. The 24-oz. bottle is BPA- and phthalate-free and takes less than 20 seconds to fill. It reduces chlorine, chloramines, and particulates in tap water and is dishwasher-safe.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


For the music lover on the go, nothing can top the Bose QuietComfort 3 Noise-Cancelling Headphones ($349.95). Lighter and smaller than the popular QC 15, the QC 3 features earcups that fit right on the ear and fold flat for safe storage. The QC 3 can plug right into an MP3 player or inflight entertainment system, and an adapter is available for use with many mobile phones. At a fraction of the price, J Buds J3 Micro Atomic Earphones ($19.95) offer far better noise-cancelling ability than you'd expect from these durable, attractive earbuds. The slim profile and soft silicone cushions (included) come in four sizes (XS-L) ensure a snug fit for any size ear. The inline microphone with call functions makes the J3 perfect for use with iPhone or other smartphone with a 3.5mm jack.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


For photography enthusiasts, the super-portable Gorillapod (starting at $19.99) is a travel essential. No longer will you have to hand off your brand new camera to a stranger (all the while hoping you can outrun them, just in case) so you can get in the photo. Thanks to its flexible legs, you can wrap this miniature tripod around a railing, a tree branch or even bike handlebars. The Gorillapod comes in multiple sizes to handle everything from iPhones to heavy-duty SLRs.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


Need to charge your cell phone or iPod on the go? With a SOLIO Universal Solar Battery Charger (starting at $59.95) you have the power in your pocket. This line of chargers allows you to harness the sun's energy into a portable accessory that's compatible with over 3200 electronic devices. No need to fear rainy days, either. You can charge it up the old fashioned way with a USB port or wall charger. Just plug in your phone and go.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


Have you ever had to rifle through your luggage at check-in, shoving clothes in your carryon so you can meet the 50-pound weight limit? Or worse, throw something away? With the Balanzza Ergo Digital Luggage Scale ($24.95) you'll never have to worry about skirting overweight fees again. The hand-held device can weigh bags up to 100 pounds, and is small enough you can slip it in the front pocket of your suitcase. That way you'll know just how much damage you did on that European shopping spree -- and whether or not you will be shipping things home.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers


For the traveler who has everything -- and doesn't want to pack it in a suitcase -- there's the Carry-On Coat ($225). On the outside it looks like a snappy khaki trenchcoat, but one pass through those fun new scanners and you'll see it's so much more. Inside the coat are compartments for everything from your iPad to your shoes and shirts. Even better, it's machine washable.

Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Space Bag To Go

You're packing for a brief winter jaunt, but you have so many clothes you're sure there will be a baggage fee in your future. If only there was a way to scrunch everything into your carryon. With Space Bag To Go (starting at $4), you can fit twice as much in your luggage -- meaning you can pack several sweater options and still only tote one bag. Place your clothes in the reusable plastic bag and roll it tight to let out all the air. A one-way valve prevents the bag from re-inflating, keeping your clothes compact and your wallet fat.

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for contaminated utensils, why not just pack some baby wipes or something like that. Chances if there is a utensil sanitation problem it is due to the lack of using hot water. But mind you it won't help with a dirty plate or the utensils used in the kitchen.

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That Zadro Nano UV Disinfectant Scanner is going to be the downfall of the human race. You need germs to build and maintain a healthy immune system. You don't have germs you have no immune system, then you get a small infection you would have been able to fight off, now you end up not buy this item!

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