Big Ben Tours Banned Due to Security Fears

Posted Nov 8th 2010 11:56 AMUpdated Nov 8th 2010 12:40 PM


If you were thinking about taking a tour around London's Big Ben, forget about it. Tourists from overseas are no longer allowed to visit London's iconic clock tower, due to security concerns.

Given the threat of terrorism, it reportedly became too costly and complicated to do security checks on all foreigners who wanted to visit the tower, which is at the north end of the Palace of Westminster, home to the British Parliament.

British citizens can still take tours to see the tower and the inner workings of The Great Clock. But even they have to apply in writing to their MP (the equivalent of their congressman) to do so, and go through strict security checks.

All visitors are still allowed to watch the action in both Houses of Parliament from public galleries, after going through a security screening.

"Overseas visitors can attend debates, watch committees, and tour Parliament during the Summer Opening," according to the Parliament's website. "UK residents can arrange a tour of the Clock Tower through their local MP. Overseas visitors cannot currently visit the tower."

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Obviously, everyone want to visit this landmark just to take a few pictures and video. The Big Ben is one of the most famous touristic points of London. It is giant and beautiful, next to Westminster tube station. The St Jame's Park and the Buckingham palace are in a walking distance from it.... The clock tower is very well-preserved, and the clock tower sound is quite amazing. Big Ben is the affectionate name given to the great bell of the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster London. It is huge building and is an Iconic part of London's Skyline. Definitely worth as a visit as it is right on the River Thames. i read this all guide on

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Thank you, religion of tolerance.

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Great post, now to get the fools of this country and this world to understand how real this problem is. You do have to understand that it is those who truly have no real religion or who do not really believe in anything who encourage and promote the idea that we should have freedom of religion. No real harm has come to this point from the fact that Baptist, and Methodist, and Presbyterians, and Penescostals, and all the other hundreds of little man made organizations, not even when one believes you have to wear your women have to wear their hair long, another says cut it if you want, another says you have to submerge to baptize, the other says no no, just sprinkle. But then non of those denominations have a Manifesto of Death like the Muslims that COMMANDS it's followers to kill the infidel, and who is the infidel???? that's easy, ANYONE WHO ISN'T A MUSLIM!!!. Pin a cleric down if you get a chance and ask them, "do you teach your people that they are to destroy and eliminate the infidels on this planet?" and unless he lies to you, he will say YES, it is true, I command my people to kill the infidel.

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what a great e-mail that I got again today, had gotten it a few months back and let it slip through my fingers before sending it out, but not this time. It was supposedly written by an American Airlines pilot who was addressing a Muslim doctor who was bitching about being detained and searched like all the rest of us who are having to go through this because his godless religion. Oh, that last part I added myself. But the pilot goes on to tell the doctor that it was sad that he could not walk through the streets of America or enjoy the freedom of getting on a plane without going through all the red tape, BUT, he has to understand that due to all the murderous acts by Muslims, we have to fear them unless we are just a stupid person, and of course there are many of those out there who really don't think Muslims are a danger, neither did the people who pulled the Trojan horse into Troy right before the Greek soldiers came out and slaughtered them in their sleep.

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But remember: We must not in any way indicate that this is, or even may be due to the actions of radical muslims. Its politically incorrect to even suggest that anymore.

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Barbara Mercer

Once again the terrorists win. The tactics they use are serving the purpose they want. Cause fear and disheaval. Very sad affair.

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Red Sam Rackham

Paranoia about terrorism is now worldwide and has taken all the fun out of travel.

November 08 2010 at 11:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply