Scary Moments As Door Jiggles on BA Flight

Posted Oct 4th 2010 01:53 PMUpdated Oct 4th 2010 04:46 PM


A British Airways jet bound for New York made an emergency landing at London's Heathrow airport shortly after takeoff after the handle of one of its cabin doors began moving.

There were reports of passengers and crew hanging on to the rear door of the Boeing 747 to keep it closed. But the airline says "at no time was the door open."

BA says the plane, with 296 passengers onboard, returned to the airport as a precaution after a warning light began flashing.

The pilot reportedly flew at unusually low altitude back to Heathrow, as observed on the ground and in the air.

"It wasn't fun. I fly a lot for work and I knew we were flying too low," Hannah Evershed, a passenger on the flight, tells the BBC. "The pilot alerted the cabin crew over the loudspeaker to answer his calls. It all happened quite quickly."

The plane was only in the air 11 minutes, the BBC reports.

Passengers were disembarked normally after a safe landing. But there were also reports of smoke and flames being spotted.

The carrier says it is investigating the incident. Passengers were put on other flights to their destinations.

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David S.

Reading the comments, I guess there is some discrepancy as to whether or not the door can be opened at a certain altitude. I am no expert, but if I am on that flight, I don't want to find out. This crew made the right call here by quickly landing the airplane.

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I find it odd that people keep saying that doors can't open in flight. My daughter-in-law was coming to visit my son right before they got married. She was taking US Airways from Manchester England to Philadelphia PA. She sat at the window in the waiting area and watched as mechanics continually shut the door of the aircraft and then watched it BLOW OPEN when they tested it. They'd make adjustments and the door would blow open again! They eventually canceled her flight until the following day. Soooo....what happened there?

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Winner The Happy

For those of you not working on B-747, some of the doors CAN be open below 8000 feet. Please check with any cabin crew who flys that plane. That feature is 747 only.

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Richard Sutton

I remember the cargo door failure on the flight in hawaii. i was in the navy then and spent days looking for bodies and picking up debris from the flight.

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Per flights from Hawaii, there were 2 incidents many many years ago-
an older 737 that had severe metal fatigue the top ripped off inflight, a Flight Attendant was killed and the plane landed safely minus the roof-
A 747 that had a faulty or not-latched CARGO door on the lower part of the fuselage opened after takeoff, ripped off and took part of the aircraft wall with it, and some passengers died, the plane also then landed safely.

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Best thing is to report a problem to the Flight Attendant. He/She will notify Captain. Don't touch anything.. let the crew fix/report the problem!!! The Captain will tell you what to do ... IF there is really anything you can do. It may not be a problem at all anyway.

If you are not an airplane mechanic don't touch anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"B"...The flight you are talking about in Hawaii did not involve the door. A portion of the fusealage was riped off secondary to metal fatague and cracks in the fusealage.

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The airlines fly old planes and sometimes they don't keep up with maintenance checks on them as well. I am surprised that more of this type thing hasn't happened more often. I used to fly with a major airline and the cleaning crew and mantenance crews really don't do the job as well as you might think they do! Cockroaches, maggots and all kinds of creepy things fill the galley that your food comes out of. Nuts and bolts missing on some planes as well as other items on the check sheet that are not checked off but are said to be ok. You would be surprised. You are putting your life into the hands of people that don't really care about your safety or people that are just plain lazy to do their jobs!

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The guy is making a point people. Since outsourcing became so acceptable, look what happened to our economy, and look at the quality of Chinas work.

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1 reply to B's comment
Winner The Happy

Last time I check, China doesn't make Boeing Planes. And if you lost your job due to outsourcing, talk to your congressman, don't blame on Chinese or anyother countries. The greedy corporations are to blame.

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