Does England Have its Own Loch Ness Monster?

Posted Sep 14th 2010 09:35 AMUpdated Dec 20th 2010 02:54 PM


Scotland has its legendary Loch Ness Monster and now England's Lake District is claiming a Nessie too.

Seven times in the past four years there have been reports of a mysterious creature, long and humpbacked, swimming in Lake Windermere, according to Sky News.

The monster has been nicknamed Bow-Nessie.

Monster hunters have deployed sonar on the lake to see if the creature can be tracked down.

Bow-Nessie has plenty of places to hide in Lake Windermere, which is 11 miles long and up to 220-feet deep in parts, and a popular place for boaters.

Dean Maynard, one of the trackers, says the Loch Ness Monster has received plenty of attention, now it's Bow-Nessie's turn.

Of course having a monster wouldn't hurt the lake area's tourism marketing efforts.

A local hotel owner, Thomas Noblett, tells Sky News he's had a peek at Bow-Nessie, he thinks.

"All of a sudden I felt something brush past my legs like a giant fish. And then I was lifted up by a three-foot wave," he says. "I have no idea what it was."

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