Windstar Cruises Launches Two-for-One Fall Sale

Posted Aug 31st 2010 03:25 PMUpdated Aug 31st 2010 03:40 PM


Luxury sailing yacht operator Windstar Cruises is offering two-for-one pricing, plus up to $750 in bonus savings on fall cruises in Europe.

The booking deadline for the deal is Sept. 5.

The discounted cruises are on all three of the line's ships - the 148-passenger Wind Star and Wind Spirit and 312-passenger Wind Surf.

Sample itineraries include a weeklong Barcelona to Lisbon sailing on Nov. 7, on the Wind Surf, priced from $1,175 per person, and including port calls in Tarragona, Ibiza, Almeria and Malaga, Spain; and Tangier, Morocco.

An Oct. 23 sailing, roundtrip from Rome (Civitavecchia), on the Wind Star, is priced from $1,249 for a week, and includes port calls in Ischia, Sorrento, Amalfi, Cagliari and Porto Cervo, Italy; and Porto-Vecchio, France.

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Be careful of these two for one deals. They are nothing but a marketing falsehood. Many cruise lines do this type of marketing, but if you knew their prices before this "deal", you'd realize that there's no real two for one. For instance, there's a highly known luxury line who touts their two for one deals. But, here's the real deal. That company had brochure rates and what they call early saving rates which come out to be half of the brochure rates. When they announced their two for one specials, what they actually did was get rid of the early booking rates and based their two for one "deal" on the old brochure rates. To explain, if they had a 7 day cruise listed at $2000 per person in the brochure, and the early booking rate was $1000 per person, your total fare was $2000 for the couple. With this supposed sale, they got rid of the early booking fares and now base their rates on the brochure fare. So, with this "great" deal, that same 7 day cruise for $2000, with their two for one "deal", you're still paying a total of $2000, which is exactly the same as if they had just stayed with their brochure rates. They are counting on consumers not knowing they're pulling a fast one, because most people look at a two for one "deal" and think they're getting a bargain, because two for one sounds like a deal. But in reality, you're paying the same amount as you would have before their great deal offer. Don't fall for these phony two for one sales because they are nothing more than a marketing scheme and you're not getting a deal.

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Sorry for your experience. We have taken advantage of 2 for 1 twice. No tricks. We saved some bucks.

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I recently read a case about this on where cruise travel agents are not allowed to advertise the savings based on the full brochure fare because no one actually ever pays that fare so in effect it is just a made a number. Certain cruise lines have changed their brochure to comply with this policy as you can see with the P&O cruise and Cunard brochure as they now have the from price and the up to price which is usually £200 more but all they are saying is that it can go to the up to fare if the demand is high.

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