AirTran Raises Checked Bag Fee

Posted Aug 23rd 2010 12:41 PMUpdated Aug 23rd 2010 01:07 PM


Yet another airline fee is going up. Low-cost carrier AirTran quietly says on its website it's raising its fee for a first checked bag to $20, as of Sept. 1.

That's an increase of $5. The upped fee applies to coach-class reservations, made on or after August 17.

JetBlue and Southwest still allow a first checked bag for free.

The increased AirTran fee is still less than that of rival Delta ($23 online and $25 at the airport), however. And among low-cost carriers, AirTran is still charging less for a first checked bag than Virgin America ($25) and Spirit ($25 to $30).

AirTran will continue to charge $25 for a second bag, and those in business class and elite frequent fliers can continue to check two bags at no charge.

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Ridiculous. By the time you pay the baggage fees, the seat fees and if your bag is over 61 inch total in size, you're 98 one way great price, isn't so great anymore. Enough already with the fees...people aren't going to be able to afford to go anywhere at this rate!

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These baggage fees were initially charged because of the high cost of fuel.. The cost of fuel went down,,but the cost of checking a bag, has continually gone up.. The people with the money are just a bunch of greedy SOB's, who are out to grab every penny they can.

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Allegiant Air charges $50 a bag! Outrageous!

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I Try to fly Southwest when ever possible, they generally seem to have teh nicest crews and clean planes and actually care about the customers. You may wish to correct the aritcle since Southwest allows 2 bags free!

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Richard Abrams

Continental does charge for checking a first bag but if you have a Continental Chase MasterCard, you pay nothing for that bag even if you didnt charge your ticket using that card. Whats more, they dont even check at curbside check-in to see if you have the card(it may show up on their computer screen). I have no idea what will happen when the merger with United is complete towards the end of this year. I dont fly United and I'm not
familiar with their policies.

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You're being had, people.

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1 reply to Mike's comment

airtran was like being in a cattle car with wings. i will never fly more then an hour flight with that airline again.

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I fly alot and never take anything but a carry on and only fly southwest when I can.If I fly any of these troll lines I use UPS its cheeper and it will get to your distination when they say it will.If we all did that watch how fast they start back tracking on fees.

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