Two Guns a Day Not Uncommon at Checkpoints, TSA Says

Posted Aug 9th 2010 01:12 PMUpdated Aug 10th 2010 09:37 AM


You can't walk onto a plane with a gun in your carry-on. Most people know that.

But according to the Transportation Security Administration its officers confiscate two guns per day on average at airport checkpoints around the country.

Last week, in one unusual day, 10 guns were confiscated. That prompted the agency to put a reminder on the TSA blog, under the headline, "Guns are No Fun at the Checkpoint."

"From time to time, things show up at airports that cause us to scratch our heads, especially almost none years after 9/11," writes TSA Blog Team member Lynn.

She says the most common response when a gun is found is the person says they didn't know it was there, which she says works just about as well as "The dog ate my homework" did in high school.

"One man even threw his wife under the bus and claimed she must have left it in there when she was packing his bag," Lynn writes. "So we thought we'd take the opportunity to remind anyone who owns a gun that might be traveling soon to double check your carry-on bag just to make sure it's not in there before you leave."

TSA officials are required to contact law enforcement immediately when they find a gun in a carry-on.

"In addition to potentially missing their flight, passengers could have their gun confiscated and/or face criminal charges. A fine from TSA is also possible," Lynn writes.

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I never use my gun bag for anything but my guns. Ever. Know where your guns are at all times. That's why I will never have this problem. Common sense people.

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it is almost impossible to transport firearms legally. there are people who are comfortable enough with guns that it is possible to "forget" and leave one in your luggage. even something like a small knife they expect you to basically toss it away, even though it might have been expensive or is a keepsake.

August 17 2010 at 3:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Jon Eggleston

I can understand how such things can happen. The bag I use for carry-on will be the same one I use to carry small tools, including knives, scissors, etc.--and sometimes a handgun--on road trips. While I am unlikely to rush from a road trip to a flight without switching out my gear, I recognize that some (possibly most) people have more hectic schedules than I. My above-average paranoia about such matters is another reason I'm unlikely to slip up. Again, others may be so accustomed to air travel that they don't customarily check and re-check every facet of preparation.
That said, the first question that enters my mind about this topic is this: if TSA finds an average of two per day, how many typically get through undetected in the course of a day? Have you ever looked over the shoulder of a TSA scanner at the X-ray image on the screen? I know they get training and all that, but when the line stretches a quarter-mile back, your supervisor is yelling at everyone to speed it up, and you're looking at your 500th bag this shift . . .

August 16 2010 at 4:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Levy heavy fines against these morons. If you don't know where your guns are at all times, you really should not have a gun. If you are not smart enough you can't bring guns on a plane, then you certainly do not have enough brains to own a gun.

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