Turkish Airlines Tells Flight Crew to Lose Weight

Posted Aug 9th 2010 09:55 AMUpdated Aug 12th 2010 01:01 PM


Turkish Airlines is giving 28 flight attendants six months to lose weight or face reassignment.

The employees have been placed on unpaid leave while they try to shape up.

All of the employees – 13 women and 15 men – had previously been warned to lose weight, an official of the state-run airline says.

"Weight and height are important factors at all airlines. These criteria are important both in terms of appearance and the ability to move about," Turkish Airlines says in a statement.

Izzet Levi, head of a cabin attendants' association, and one of those furloughed, tells the Haber Turk newspaper he must drop 22 pounds to reach 211 pounds if he is to return to his post.

If they don't lose weight, the crew members will be assigned to ground positions, the carrier says.

Air Arabia, based in the United Arab Emirates, recently took a similar approach to encouraging crew weight loss, giving flight attendants three months to get in shape, reports BreakingTravelNews.com.

According to the website, "the airlines argue that fitness is an important issue for certain flight attendant tasks," such as evacuating passengers quickly in the event of an emergency."

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I'd like to see pictures of these "overweight" people. I'll bet none of them is more than 10 lbs. overweight. I'll bet also they are asking more weight loss from the women than from the men.

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1 reply to Elizabeth's comment

Thanks for the sweet reply! Your sexism and rudeness are showing badly! Hope you can get better soon!

August 10 2010 at 12:02 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It's about time someone used some common sense. I was refused a job as a flight attendant because I was too thin. This was before the whole issue came up about discrimination for weighing too much...well I was discriminated for being skinny. I currently weigh 110 pounds at 5' 4" , weight lift and can easily put my own bag in the upper compartment ...hmmm....

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roz is a dope

@ cynthia Saftey professionals?? Give me a break. They are drink servers and pillow fetchers. Please dont insult true safety professionals such as fire fighters and cops.

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i'm a flight attendant and i agree some of my work colleagues have let themselves go. during interviews and training your height and weight needs to be proportionate. however once hired and flying online you need to take care of yourself. traveling and working can sometimes take a toll on health and eating healthy (airport fast food, eating late, or eating airline food) also an unhappy home life can really effect weight gain. as for bumping the passengers when passing through the aisle there are sOOO~ many heavy passengers throughout america too. i think we need to be sensitive to weight issues however you shouldn't be so overweight to pose a problem to others or in an emergency situtation. on airliners here in the u.s. if you can't fit through the emergency exit you shouldn't be able to work until you can. just my opinion =)

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Y'know what really irritates me? the PASSENGERS. We've all had the "seatmate from hell" at some point who provoked us to consider murder. I hate the whiners who bitch and moan about the food or the wine or the service as though they think an airliner is a five star deluxe hotel. Look out the window.....a miracle is taking place. You're hurtling through the atmosphere at over 500 miles per hour in an safe, air conditioned cocoon, with just the plexiglass and pressurization keeping you from instant death in a cold, oxygen poor environment. Be glad that you can travel so cheaply and quickly anywhere you want. No, I don't work for the airlines.

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Love it, Get off and do not obstruct my view fat ass and stop eating the food which could feed 5 more person for a year, some one is going hungry becz this fat caw has to eat more, Turkish Airlines Rocks

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I was aboard a US Airways Express flight from CLT to DFW. With an unfortunate and only seat available...on-the-aisle. The morbidly obese flight attendant, the only one on board, couldn't fit down the aisle sideways let alone in normal forward posture. In a flight when all I wanted to do was sleep, every time she passed my seat she used my head for target practice...practicality ripping it off my body every-time she passed my seat. Never an excuse me or apology, God Bless her Pea-Picking Heart. Morbidly obesity in America. Ya' gotta' love it!

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Right on Turkish Airlines I think we should do this in USA, they do charge money for heavy bags , and this will save fuel, and we will be able to pass them in ails easily, some US air attendants are so fat we can not pass them as we want to go to bathroom,
Turkish airlines Rocks

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Great idea, I will fly with Turkish air from now on,lol

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Rock on, Turkish Airlines! Appearance and ability to carry out cabin duties are reasonable areas of accountability in accordance with a company's policy and procedure protocol. And kudos for the UNPAID leave while those fat ass Turkish FA's get re-acquainted with celery sticks and tofurkey!

In the U.S., employees have so many more rights than employers they can show up to work unkempt, busting out at the seams (literally), sporting ratty hair, wearing stockings with runs as long as my arm and chewing on a toothpick. The women look like Freddy Kruger rejects and work at the pace of a aged, crippled, 3-toed sloth. And woe be unto any company that tries to fire them, or even ask them to please just TRY to look less offensive and make a effort to complete at least 2 1/2 hours worth of work during the 8 they get paid to do!

Who'd a ever thunk we should run our businesses more like the Turkish? Well, we do have crack houses. Is that the equivalent of a Turkish hash den? I mean, they may be illegal businesses, but still they're businesses....

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