Tourist Seriously Injured After Sleepwalking off Hotel Balcony

Posted Aug 6th 2010 09:00 AMUpdated Aug 6th 2010 10:19 AM


Talk about a rough night. A British tourist was seriously injured when he fell off a hotel balcony on the Spanish island of Majorca while sleepwalking.

Aled Thomas Davies, 28, fell 35 feet from a third floor window, and suffered serious head and facial injuries and a broken leg, according to the UK's Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The accident occurred at the Lago Garden Hotel Apartments in the seaside resort of Port d'Alcudia, on Spain's largest island.

The newspaper says Davies apparently got out of bed and climbed over the balcony of his room while still asleep. His girlfriend tells police he regularly sleepwalks.

"We are looking into the possibility that he fell accidentally from the balcony during a sleep walking episode," says a spokesman at the police station in Alcudia.

Davies was transferred from a local facility to a hospital in Palma, the island's capital. Doctors fear he may lose sight in one eye as a result of the accident, the newspaper reports.

Photo, Julian Gajewski, flickr
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We were staying on the same floor close to them when this happened, we heard the girlfriend screaming approx 8 am the couple were sharing the apartment with another couple. He did not go through a window, he fell from the walkway/corrider at the rear of the apartments, about three apartments up from where his was. In my opinion the wall was to high to fall over unless he leant/climbed over it. The patio window and balcony were on the opposite side of the apartment. I can only imagine he got up, left the apartment via the rear door, walked up the corrider and somehow fell to the ground below

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We have this happen a lot in south Florida. It usually happens in the spring to college guys.

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The News

Well they have methods for Sleepwalkers
Basically just like for Dogs,It;s called a Leach...

Should be tied up at night by the Ankle

and if you don't like that? YOU suffer the concequences..and at your own risk..

August 07 2010 at 12:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Why not put one of those door alarms on the sliding door or window. One of those loud alarms that goes off with the slightest movement.
It may not have awoken him, but surely his girlfriend would have heard it.

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You know it's coming! Some douchebag attorney will find a way to make a lawsuit.

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Talk about sleep walking, my daughter woke up last night while I was still up. She was complaining of a tooth ache when I went to the store for toothache medication. I got back and she was sleeping so I didnt wake her. I was at the table, writing a letter, and she came into the kitchen, eyes barely open, opened the microwave, and I asked what she was doing, she replied, I am going to write a letter. I told her she was in the microwave. I then told her I got the toothache medication, and she was attempting to put it into her eye. Of course, I stopped her. She often will get out of bed and go to the refrigerator and eat. Thought about taping it closed at night. I do think her medication is causing this and she goes to the doctor this week. She doesnt remember any of this in the morning when we ask her about it. Its unreal, but now I know what sleep walkers go through. Its sad and I hope this man gets well.

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My daughter and I have been sleep walkers for a long time. The scariest was when my daughter got up at one in the morning, ate breakfast and was off to her car to go to school. Luckily I woke up and asked what she was doing. I had to wake her up to tell her that she was sleep walking. A week later, she got up at 5 in the morning (still dark out) to go to school. I was unable to catch her this time. I called her on her cell phone and she came back home not aware she was sleep driving! SCARY!!

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Hide her car keys!!!

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I was a sleep walker as a child for many years.I would get up get a drink of milk,get dressed and walk up the road sound asleep from age 6 until I was 10.The doctors said that I was safe that sleep walkers hardley ever get hurt because the subconscious mind also protected me from danger.He was drunk in Spain at a resort hotel on vacation and stumbled off the roof PERIOD.----

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Why would anyone, that knows they are a sleep walker, take a room above the first floor to begin with? I mean like that's a no brainer. I mean why didn't he just say he wanted a top floor room and get it over with. If I knew I was a sleep walker, I'd make sure I had a room that I absolutely couldn't get out of. If you're traveling with someone, then let them bring any kind of safety device they can get to keep all the doors and windows closed and locked so you can't get out. And don't let you see them or how they operate so you can't defeat them in your sleep. This guy was just plain stupid.

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Was he taking sleep medication?

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