Agitated Horses Delay Plane

Posted Jul 1st 2010 08:51 AMUpdated Jul 1st 2010 09:07 AM


Six agitated Arabian horses in a cargo hold delayed a flight bound for Saudi Arabia for more than an hour.

An Egyptian airport official told The Associated Press the horses, which are owned by a Saudi Arabian prince, caused an EgyptAir pilot to turn a plane around on the runaway because of the commotion in the hold.

The pilot deemed the horses a safety risk, the official said. There were 189 passengers on the flight.

The airport official spoke on condition of anonymity.

AP says the pilot then called for an airport veterinarian who tranquilized the horses. After an 80-minute delay, the plane took off for its destination city of Jiddah, with the horses fast asleep.

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please, AVL14, no shouting. we can already hear you. As for your question, because said question is biased i can not and will not answer it.

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Beats having maggots fall on you out of the overhead compartment because some idiot decided to transport bad meat!

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i flew from Houston to Italy with 8 horses. i was the (groom/handler/vet tech) 3 days before the flight i had to take the horses to the airport so they could make special 'boxes' for the horses to ride in. the horses were calm the whole trip but i did have tranquilizer on hand just in case one of them needed it. when arriving in Italy, there was a 7 day quarantine before the horses could be taken to their destinations.

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Arabians are not on crack. It is just that most arabians need less food and less good food and their bodies assimilate that food and make them hyper. The Arabian cannot eat corn or corn oil on a regular basis. Example like, how our children are today in schools on sodas and candy machines...the children are acting as if on crack, too! I have Arabians and Quarter Horses, the Arabians are smarter than most horses and they look, listen and react. The Arabians are protective to their herds, take care of older horses and their foals. Arabians adopt others' foals. And Arabians are less trusting. It takes more to win their hearts and they hold grudges longer to bad people. The Quarter Horse appears dumb after owning Arabians. If not dumb then dull. You ask an Arabian horse to do something, you tell a quarter horse what to do.

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Your right Sally Arabians do hold grudges against people who abuse them. I was lucky enough to become the caretaker of one such horse. A beautiful imported stallion called *Kazannn. He was shipped here then leased to a man who nearly starved him to death. When I saw him for the first time he was nearly 300 lbs under weight. It took nearly a year to win the love of this horse, but I did and it was a joy. I also don't understand why this person would ship them without a groom/vet tech with them. Those horses could not have been cheap and shipping would not been either. I know for a fact that a vet tech goes with the horses for the Olympics. This man was a fool.

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All breeds of horses have ones that don't have both oars in the water. I've seen Appaloosa's that had to be put on the ground to have their feet trimed. A quarterhorse that couldn't retain but the simplest commands. A paint that was afraid of just about anything that moved. I raised Arabian's for over 20 years and I have a few that seemed off. My first Arabian was a stallion I raised from a 6 month old. He was gentle, loving, and enjoyed people around him. I also owned a Half Arabian that was sired by the Black Stallion movie Arabian Cass 'Ole. She was quick to pick up on tricks, but an idiot on other things. So jimmy I've seen lots of breeds of horses that seemed to be on "crack" and if you check your breeding on almost all breeds including Quarter horse you will find most trace back to the Arabian. Arabians are a foundation breed for nearly all other breeds.

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National Velvet is an old movie and even older story and types of tranquilizers that we know and use today weren't being used in Human medicine let alone on horses at that time. Small doses of tranquilizers are often used on animals in flight to take the edge off and prevent them from injuring themselves but it's true an experienced handler should always be on board who can give injections of larger doses if needed when dealing with large, powerful animals such as horses.

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On Southwest two feed bags fly for free.

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I forgot to add that I would be nervous if I was on a Saudi airplane too.... I don't fly with anybody who gives you the time enroute--and ends it with en'shallah... not a confidence builder....

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The ex-cargo pilot and jimmy are both correct. Horse pee can really mess up an airplane if it gets out of the stall...and Arabians are usually on crack... An airline I worked for had about 75 "meat" horses headed for Narita on an MD-11F and lost an air conditioning pack enroute--even with an air turn back to ANC-about 30 of them died from overheating.. Glad I wasn't the guy who had to make THAT phone call...

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