Most Dangerous Honeymoon Locations

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The word "honeymoon" conjures up images of lazy days on a white-sand beach, basking in newlywed bliss. But that picture-perfect destination is not always perfect right now. Drug wars, crime, not to mentions some seriously dangerous insects can mar even the most idyllic of places and will swiftly jolt you out of the honeymoon period-and into honeymoon hell. This may be the longest and most expensive vacation of your life, but the same advice applies: pay attention to current events and be aware of State Department warnings. Oh, and watch out for spiders. Read on for the most dangerous honeymoon destinations on earth.

1. Mexico: Drug Wars
For Better: A top affordable honeymoon choice for U.S. couples, Mexico's coastal beaches make the list of the top five most popular options for places to go once the bouquet has been tossed. Acapulco is where American royalty choose to honeymoon: This is where John and Jackie Kennedy headed as newlyweds.

For Worse: Although Mexico's most dangerous destinations are border towns Ciudad Juárez, Nuevo Laredo, and Reynosa, tourist-popular Acapulco and Mazatlán feature in a May 2010 U.S. State Department travel warning. Drug-related violence claimed the lives of three innocent bystanders in an April 2010 shootout in one of Acapulco's tourist areas, while Mazatlán's 2010 murder rate has seen a sharp rise.

2. Jamaica: Gun Battles
For Better: Jamaica is the most popular Caribbean destination for honeymoons with more than 100,000 Americans choosing to spend their post-nuptial vacation on the lush, 150-mile-long island. The island's all-inclusive, couples-only beach resorts are a big part of the draw.

For Worse: A May 2010 State Department Travel Alert warned U.S. citizens against traveling to Kingston and surrounding areas as a result of escalating violence and unrest. With disruptions to flights and gun battles on Kingston streets, visitors to the island were advised to check conditions before leaving their hotels. You're better off sticking to the resorts in Montego Bay on the northwest coast of the island.

3. Australia: Poisonous Spiders
For Better: Sydney and the nearby Blue Mountains are popular with honeymooners who want it all: great beaches, world-class hotels, incredible restaurants, and nearby wine country. The area also makes a memorable stopover en route to South Pacific escapes like Fiji.

For Worse: Sydney could be the place to test out that promise to love each other in sickness and in health. Australia is teeming with deadly jellyfish and snakes, but 2010 has seen an invasion of deadly funnel web spiders. Yes, spiders. The aggressive arachnids can leap up to 18 inches and can bite through soft shoes and toe- and fingernails. The bite can be fatal, but excellent anti-venom exists so quick action is the key.

4. Indonesia: Kidnappings and Bombings
For Better: Bali's villas, five-star retreats, and a slew of couples-only resorts make the Island of the Gods a deliciously romantic destination. The island's honeymoon potential was recognized as far back as 1939 when the movie Honeymoon in Bali lit up screens.

For Worse: The average honeymoon lasts a blissful eight days, but unlucky honeymooners in Indonesia might find themselves having that extended, courtesy of terrorist cells in the country. Kidnap zones like Papua are the places to particularly avoid. If traveling to an area of the world with a high kidnap and ransom risk, consider putting Kidnap and Ransom Insurance on your gift registry-and you'll have a crisis assistance team oversee negotiations for your release should it be necessary. Another risk is bombings that have rocked Indonesia (in Jakarta as recently as 2009 and in Bali in 2005). High-profile Western businesses are often targets for terrorists and the risk is heightened during holidays and celebrations.

5. Thailand: Riots and Terrorist Attacks
For Better: One of most popular honeymoon destinations according to the wedding gurus at Top places to spend your first vacation together as a married couples include northern Chiang Mai-with its hot springs and caves-and the famed islands of Phuket, and Ko Samet.

For Worse: Bloody political riots gripped Bangkok in the spring of 2010, cutting off honeymoon-worthy hotels like the Four Seasons and destroying shops and theaters in the capital city. Unfortunately, this is not a new problem in Thailand. The State Department noted that it was "concerned" about the continuing risk of terrorism in Thailand in 2009 in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. It warned of separatist group attacks and urged U.S. citizens not to travel to the far south of the country or to the Cambodian, Lao, or Burmese borders. The Thai government also declared a state of emergency in 24 provinces. To be safe choose a romantic resort far from this action.

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i knew a couple who went the one of the US virgin islands, and were held at gunpoint in their villa for hours and tormented before their stuff was stolen! The police did nothing! they had a very hard time even getting home because their passports were stolen! pretty insane!

July 15 2011 at 7:45 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
June Nokum

I guess for some folks a dangerous honeymoon is the way to go. It's a thrill that can bring a couple closer together. For other couples, a safer romantic honeymoon may take higher priority than adrenaline rushes. Check out more honeymoon destinations at best honeymoon destinations

September 09 2010 at 10:08 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Dear Aefa Mulholland are you doing the research about it? have you ever go to that five places you have mention it? do you have any experienced the dangerous of it? your article does not reflect the dangerous of those country. its only your opinion. or perhaps your honeymoon did not worked so well so you write it that way. I think for every traveling have their own risk no matter where you want to go, but it does not mean its dangerous to visit.

July 07 2010 at 4:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Why isn't the US on this list? You've got a city on the verge of full-out riotting (Oakland) and some areas of some cities are overrun by violent drug dealers. Thats not to mention the US is home to bears, mountain lions, rattlesnakes (as well as MANY other venomous snakes), alligators, crocodiles, scorpions, deadly spiders (black widows and brown recluses), sharks, gila monsters,etc. Then you add the fact that the US is prone to hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, snowstorms,etc.

July 04 2010 at 11:22 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Kelly Sumrall

I've only been to Jamaica once, about 10 yrs. ago & we stayed at a Couples Resort in Negril. We LOVED it at the resort, such a beautiful place with all the amenities. They DID recommend (through our "Apple" vacation guides they have there at the resort) that we do not leave the hotel & go out wandering. We were warned mostly about being robbed & also they indicated it wouldn't be safe to eat & drink at other establishments, restaurants, bars..Of course my ex at the time insisted we go somewhere, and the resort clerks said we'd be fine if we took a cab & had them give us a tour, but to stay with the driver wherever we went. So he took us to a flea market & it was fine, the typical barrage of people trying to sell your items. We asked our driver at one point to pull over just so we could take a picture, and immediately we were surrounded by children telling us to give them our camera & they'd "take the pic for us" (we stayed in the cab the whole time of course) so we moved on quickly as the driver dealt with the kids & warned them off. We went to dinner at a restaurant right up the road from our resort one night as well. Again we were told if we were to go ANYwhere, to try this place. Well the service we good, cute place ont he beach. But there were two (very obvious) prostitutes there, hanging out with what appeared to be some wealthy businessmen from the states. Also I got the worst food poisoning from the lobster tail I had. My ex had the same exact meal & he was fine. I was ill for the rest of the trip (3 days, ugghhh)..but that was all on my own & I definitely learned a lesson! All in all, we had an awesome time there & would highly recommend the Couples resort (affiliated with Sandles, all Couples, no kids, large groups, families, etc..).. Extremely beautiful, the employees there were incredible & right there for you, and they would not accept any tips (which I'm so used to doing while vacationing in Mexico..) they said it was hotel policy but of course we found a way to pass the tips on to them. The resort offered all the excursions, diving, snorkeling, sun sailing, catamarans, etc... Also we went on a trip (provided through Apple) to Rick's Cafe which is a huge bar on a cliff about 20 min. or so from the resort, we got there via catamaran. I HAD to do the cliff dive there, it was the most incredible experience! Also went parasailling. There's a TON to do in Jaimica, I'd go back again in a hearbeat. Now with two little ones here :) it will be at least another few years but it will be the first vacation I plan!!

July 04 2010 at 5:42 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
john l

Ok people from Jamaica, calm down. We all know how dangerous your island is. Personally I think Jamaica is wonderful, but to act like the the locals of Trenchtown or Kingston won't slit your throat for 20 bucks is just outright denial. Yes, everyone tries to sell you's Jamaica for goodness sake! No big deal. The resorts are "sanitized" meaning the people who work there are all about keeping their jobs and keeping you (the tourist) happy. I like to go out amongst the local people; eat where they eat, shop where they shop. Jamaica is NOT the place for this. Sorry, but its true. You want a Caribbean vacay with the freedom to go anywhere and do anything? Check out the Virgin Islands...St Thomas if you want to party and overpay for everything, St. Croix (my fav) if you want to relax and mingle amongst friendly locals. Trinidad is also a wonderful and safe alternative to Jamaica if you wanna get out and explore.

July 04 2010 at 5:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

That would be one place I would have no desire to go. Its bad enough I had a Jamaician nutcase that use to live next to me with his voodoo garbage etc. I live in Florida and there are no better beaches anywhere so there also is no reason to go to Jamaica where there is so much violence and so many strange nutcases.

July 04 2010 at 5:30 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jamaica is not friendly to all
very homophobic so gays should stay away
also single women are accosted on streets
a lot of the people experiencing problems are doing something they shouldnt try
like smoking or buying ganja which is part of the rasta culture but not smart to try

July 04 2010 at 4:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Well these idiots they call leaders at AOL, allow people to write disparaging articles about places they know NOTHING about. Bali is 2000 miles from Jakarta, and Bangkok's Red Shirt Riot was over more than a month ago, so you can still go to Phuket, Phi Phi, Pattaya, and other places far from Bangkok. Looks like they went thru a turnstile sideways at AOL.

July 04 2010 at 4:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i remember when i went to sydney last year for a study abroad program that lasted 4 and a half months. i went to a museum that showed the list of the top 20 or so deadliest snakes and spiders and showed how most of them were in australia. i also later found out that the place where i scuba dove had jellyfish that could cause heart attacks. it was really unnerving to learn all that, especially during the beginning of my trip (i had a phobia of being barefoot in grass for weeks!) but hey, i'm still here ;) it's not as bad as they make it out to be, it's not like everywhere you step there's a snake or spider. you just have to be aware and smart.

July 04 2010 at 4:22 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply