World Record-Breaking Hotels

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World Record-Breaking Hotels

In the competitive world of hotels, it helps to have something that sets you apart. We aren't talking about free cookies at reception. Think more along the lines of the world's largest hotel pool or a Guinness World Record-approved largest suite. Over-the-top cities like Las Vegas and Dubai have come to represent a trend towards dramatic architecture. Vegas now hosts the world's largest hotel while Dubai is home to the two tallest hotels -- the Burj Al Arab was the record-holder until the Rose Tower hotel complex opened in December 2009, surpassing it by 40 feet. But sometimes bigger isn't always better -- just ask the world's narrowest hotel and the world's smallest. These 10 hotels have gone the extra mile (literally) to qualify as world-record holders and to preserve their impressive status.

World Record-Breaking Hotels

Running more than 3,280 feet along the Pacific Ocean shoreline, the world's largest pool is filled with more than 66 million gallons of saltwater that is heated and purified using advanced technology. The resort itself, in an up-and-coming beach area 50 miles from Santiago, is made up of 10 pyramid-shaped buildings with vacation rentals as well as restaurants and cafes, a beach club, spa, sports schools, kids' clubs, and even an amphitheater.

World Record-Breaking Hotels

At 16,597-square-feet, this presidential suite is officially ranked by Guinness as the largest in the world. It's so big that it actually contains five suites plus a living room, an office, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and its own spa and hammam. You can also host a dinner party for 14 in the dining room. And it's not just the size that's luxurious. The villa drips with crystal chandeliers, marble, and silk.

World Record-Breaking Hotels

In a previous life the one-room Grand Hotel was a tiny grocery store. In 1989 it was converted into a cozy efficiency decorated in an Art Deco style. At the entrance is the reception desk that guards the ironically named hotel's one key, and beyond the double doors you'll find the guestroom, furnished with a king-sized bed, television, and large bathtub. Upping the cuteness factor even more, the hotel supplies two matching nightshirts and nightcaps.

World Record-Breaking Hotels

To give you an idea of the size of the Cypress Ballroom, it can fit an entire football field and still have room for 85 percent of a second one. Opened in 2007, its 108,000 total square feet shattered records. For a little perspective, the largest ballroom in all of Asia is at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, and it's only 41,000 square feet. The Marriott venue seats 9,000, is pillar-free, and represents just a sliver of the hotel's 450,000 square feet of meeting space.

World Record-Breaking Hotels

The 680-square-meter Palace Suite can be reserved for a week at the bargain price of $1 million. That includes round-the-clock butler service, a chauffeur and car that are always on call, and all-inclusive access to the Anantara Spa and the Golf Club. The hotel will also shower the VIP guest with gifts like champagne and pearl jewelry and arranges tailor-made trips to places like the Dead Sea for a deep-sea fishing trip. And don't worry, you'll have billionaire neighbors to rub shoulders with since the hotel has five of the top-tier suites.

World Record-Breaking Hotels

The Sala Silvermine dates back to the Middle Ages and was Sweden's largest source of silver and minerals into the 19th century. Now the mine has become a tourist attraction that offers underground tours and activities like zip-lining. Aboveground there's a hostel that was once a rooming house for miners, but deep underground is the special Mine Suite. At about 508 feet below the earth's surface, the guestroom sits inside a maze of caverns and underground lakes that stay very cool year-round. Luckily, the suite is heated, and amenities include a bathroom (but no shower) and an intercom radio, plus breakfast is served by the staff every morning.

World Record-Breaking Hotels

Otherwise known as the Rose Tower, the hotel added its distinct rosebud-like design to the Dubai skyline in December 2009 as part of a growing collection of Middle Eastern hotels. The name Rayhaan comes from a plant mentioned in the Koran and the company is mindful of the Muslim lifestyle (i.e. there is no alcohol served). At 72 stories and more than 1,093 feet high, Rose Tower accommodates 432 rooms as well as three restaurants, a fitness club with spa facilities, and an outdoor pool. It's all within a stone's throw of the second-tallest hotel, the Burj Al Arab, which comes in second at 1,053 feet.

World Record-Breaking Hotels

The Hoshi Ryokan is so old that the legend of its origin dates back to 718 (no, we did not forget a digit there). The story goes that the god of Mt. Hakusan told a Buddhist priest where to find the natural spring that is still the site of the hotel. The Hoshi Ryokan is a traditional Japanese bed and breakfast marked by minimalist décor, obligatory guest robes, and regimented mealtimes. Located in the Ishikawa Prefecture, essentially on the Sea of Japan coast opposite Tokyo, the ryokan has 100 guestrooms, indoor and outdoor mineral baths called an onsen, and a garden, all designed to minimize stress and improve health.

World Record-Breaking Hotels

Despite being only 20 feet wide and 162 feet long, The Famous Star Hotel fits nine guestrooms into its historic three-story row house. And the inn's location is just as quaint. The scenic, sleepy burg of Moffat (once a spa town famously visited by Robert Burns) is located in the Southern Upland Way about 60 miles from Edinburgh. And since this is Scotland, you can order up some local specialties like haggis and steak pie at the inn's restaurant.

World Record-Breaking Hotels

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I agree this articles because there are many different Hotels and enjoyable palace ...

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Who cares? Really the biggest, largest is all hype. They should think about how to channel their monies into helping the masses deal with the Second Great Depression now.

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Esta de puta madre este hotel/suite en Chile... saludos desde Mexico!!!

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Holy cow, what a chlorine bill....I have a money pit myself and this is a nightmare I think I had once...ewww....somehow it is very beautiful.

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on there fish and chips lol...

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WOW thats a lot of water wow deep is it and how long did it take to fill up..

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It would be quite grand to be able to see all glorious Hotels such as these world wide with a faithfull true loving wife , I wonder why a USA Vaction Lottery of which can be sold threw out all 50 States and winner may take there whole family on such weekly trips of which allows them say 10,000 dollars of exspenses at each site and they get to visit 24 to 50 sights such as these in a years time ! And once winning such a USA Vacation Lottery Package , the Company they work for is obligated to allow employee to take such a Package deal and they keep there job and can not be fired .Now that would be a USA Vaction Lottery Ticket ALL (most) in this USA and maybe even the world maybe thrilled to try ?

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If anyone would like to take me there to swim let me know ! (lol) And you will not have to Marry Me On Monday, just leave me there, I'll be fine. :)

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How far is this from Los Angeles, Chile?

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